Central University of Odisha to Empower Local Language (Kuwi & Desia) Education in Historic Training Program

Primer on Desia and Kuwi

The Central University of Odisha (CUO), under the visionary leadership of Prof. Chakradhar Tripathi, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor in collaboration with RIE (Regional Institute of Education), NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training), Bhubaneswar is organizing a transformative Training Programme focused on Kuwi and Desia Languages for School Teachers. This pivotal event is scheduled to take place from October 9th to October 11th, 2023, within the campus of Central University of Odisha in Sunabeda.

This remarkable effort builds upon the earlier directive from the Hon’ble Minister of Education, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, resulting in the development and release of a Kuwi and Desia Primer in Bhubaneswar. It is a significant step towards preserving and promoting these indigenous languages and cultures within the educational landscape.

Distinguished figures in the field of education will grace the occasion with their presence. Prof. P.C. Agarwal, Principal of RIE, NCERT, Bhubaneswar; Prof. N.C. Panda, Dean of the School of Languages and Registrar I/c; Dr. Rasmirekha Sethy, Coordinator of the Kuwi and Desia Language Training Programme at RIE, NCERT, Bhubaneswar; Dr. Kapila Khemundu, Local Coordinator of the Kuwi and Desia Language Training Programme at CUO, Koraput; and Dr. Rudrani Mohanty, Co-Coordinator of the training program, will play pivotal roles.

The program will also receive valuable support from esteemed Educational Resource Persons (ERPs) including Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mishra, Advisor for MLE (Multilingual Education), Shri Siba Sankar Pattanayak, Dr. Rajendra Padhy, Shri Trinath Khora, and Shri Suresh Khora, who will actively participate and facilitate the smooth execution of the training.

A significant highlight of this initiative is the participation of 60 dedicated teachers proficient in Kuwi and Desia Languages, currently teaching at the primary level in various schools across the Koraput district. This three-day training program aims to equip these educators with invaluable skills to enhance the local language education experience for their students.

This historic endeavor is rooted in the recognition of the vital role local languages play in the education of primary school children, a principle firmly enshrined in the National Education Policy of 2020. Notably, this marks the first-ever program of its kind, poised to empower elementary schoolchildren in the Desia and Kuwi-speaking regions of the Koraput district.


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