IIMA Opens Applications for 44th Management Faculty Development Program

IIM Ahmedabad

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), a renowned global management institute, is inviting applications for its 44th Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in Management. The programme will be offered in two distinct and parallel modules: a) Faculty Development Programme in Pedagogy and Research Methods and b) Faculty Development Programme in General Management.

In the 44th edition of the FDP, participants can apply for admission to only one of the two modules. The first module focuses on cutting-edge techniques in Pedagogy and Research methods, while the second module covers introductory courses that encompass a wide range of subjects from Economic Environment and Policy to Marketing Management. After the introductory courses, the participants will go through special topics submodules that cover advanced special topics in different areas of management viz. Marketing, HR-OB, and General Management.

The Chairperson of FDP, Prof Dhiman Bhadra, announced the launch of the 44th FDP and stated that the programme will commence on April 08, 2024, and will have two modules offered in a parallel, disjoint mode. This will enable a larger number of participants to apply to the programme, have cross-functional exchanges and learn from each other.

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) is one of the oldest programmes at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India (IIMA) and its aim is to enhance the professional development of faculty members of institutions of management education. It is a specially designed course for management educators seeking to strengthen their understanding of core general management, gain exposure to advanced topics, learn and experiment with effective pedagogical techniques, and gain familiarity with essential aspects of carrying out research studies.

The FDP relies on a variety of learning settings like classrooms, workshops, seminars, and a participatory approach to learning. There is an emphasis on the case method of teaching and learning. Other educational methods such as lectures, group exercises, management games, and presentations are also used. The latest statistical tools and audio-visual aids complement these methods. Participants are encouraged to develop insights into curriculum planning and academic administration.

To enroll in the programme, participants should have a minimum of two years of experience in post-graduate level teaching or research. Since the medium of communication is English, participants are expected to be fluent in written and spoken English language. The FDP Committee at IIMA will review applications and may conduct telephonic interviews where required to decide suitability for admission of candidates applying for the programme. All details of the admissions process are available on https://iima.ac.in/academics/FDP.

Since there are limited seats in the programme, the selection of candidates will be based on their teaching and/or research experience, educational qualifications, statements of purpose, and anticipated benefits to sponsors.


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