New Application for Grievance Redrressal

Rohit Wadhwaney - Managing-Editor - Education Post

The Delhi government has come up with a novel way to ensure transparency and speedy redressals of grievances at schools in the national capital – a move that needs to be implemented across India.

The Department of Education (DoE) has launched an app called DOE Nirakshan, on which students and teachers can file their complaints regarding a school, its authorities or teaching staff. The app also promises to help disseminate instant information regarding any particular school and digitalize inspection of infrastructure, stationary, midday meals and uniforms etc.

“This app is concerned with the issues faced by teachers and students in the school and for reporting the same to the head of school and above officials to create and maintain a healthy and clean environment in the school premises. The issues reported will be monitored by the higher officials of the department and all measures will be taken to ensure the resolution of the reported issues in a time-bound process,” the DoE said while launching the app.

Heads of all Delhi schools are expected to check the app regularly for queries and complaints raised by students or teachers and resolve the issues. The district deputy education officers (DDE) at the zonal, district and headquarter levels will monitor the process, the DoE said.

The app has various set categories, under which complaints and queries can be filed, along with an option of uploading a maximum of six photographs. These complaints/queries can be revisited to check their status of redressal.

No one other than the heads of schools have the option of changing the status of the complaint or query. The school heads also have the right to reject a particular complaint, but they must provide a valid reason. Once the grievance is resolved or query answered, the school heads can mark the issue as “Resolved.”

The DDEs monitoring this problem-solving process will only be able to view the complaints and queries of their own respective zones and districts, while the DoE headquarters will have access to all complaints and queries raised on the app.

The DoE said that it already has a system in place whereby online grievances can be filed on its website by the public and parents against any particular school. However, the new app will make it much easier for parents, students and teachers to check exactly what is happening in their respective schools of interest.

Rohit Wadhwaney
Managing Editor


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