Synergising Academia-Industry Towards Skilling and Transforming India: NEP 2020 Aspects


Teachers Contribution is Massive!

Dr. Shahid Amin Trali Assistant Professor School of Management, ITM University Teachers are passionate educators but they are tragically underpaid, overworked and under-appreciated.  Today one enters the...


A Small Hyphen

A Small Hyphen

Ryan Baidya, Ph.D Strategist, Entrepreneur and Mentor, California Anjali Kanojia, Ph.D Aizen Institute, Houston, Texas, USA   small hyphen (-) is the key factor for not achieving serenity in...
Dr. Shahid Amin Trali , ITM University

Need of Exceptional Educational Leadership!

Dr. Shahid Amin Trali Assistant Professor School of Management, ITM University Most of the educational institutions today are trying to go in a state of hurry using...
Dr. Hari Krishna Maram

PM MODI’S VISION: Digital India $5 Trillion Becoming A Reality By 2025?

Dr. Hari Krishna Maram Digital Brand Ambassador & Chairman Vision Digital India and President Lead India Foundation Vice-Chancellor Global Digital University USA. Google announced recently that it plans...


Rajesh Pillania

A Case for Happiness Strategy in Our Life and Education

Dr. Rajesh K. Pillania Professor of Strategy, MDI, Gurgaon Life is precious. It is a beautiful gift. However, the way we live may not be the...
Chanderi - From the terrace of Kila Kothi

Stone Cliffs, Silk, And Bloody Tales of Chanderi

Arvind Passey Editor- Education Post any travel enthusiasts know of Chanderi cloth but may not be aware that 1 km of silk used in this 20 to...

SHE SCREAMS Justice And Deterrence of Rape

Ryan Baidya, Ph.D Strategist, Entrepreneur and Mentor, California Anjali Kanojia, Ph.D Aizen Institute, Houston, Texas, USA India is a booming economy.  An ancient civilization rich in traditions, India...


PSSC’s CEO Ravi P Singh Interview

Ravi P Singh CEO - PSSC Lack of Skills in the education system is indeed a major situational quagmire as it not only leads to several...


RAC Industry: A Career Always in Demand

Piyush Chakraborty, Officiating Head Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI) Want to go into a career that will always be in demand? Consider Refrigeration and...


Sri Sri University

Envisioned by Poojya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, Sri Sri University was established as a State Private University by the Odisha State Legislative...
Woxsen University

Woxsen University

Education infrastructure like the Academic Buildings, Classrooms, Laboratories, Library are crucial elements of learning environment. Which is why state-of-the-art learning facilities like Bloomberg Finance...


The Pangolin – Hunted For Health

The pangolins have roamed this earth for nearly 8 million years now. It is about the size of a house cat and covered in...

Poaching is a Terror Unleashed on Wildlife

Arvind Passey 21 May 2019 Poaching isn’t a word that exists only in political parlance around the world. Employees can be poached by corporates, ideas are...


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Press Release

IIM Rohtak Press Release

IIM Rohtak inducted the 3rd Batch of Integrated Programme in Management

Indian Institute of Management Rohtak inducted the 3rd batch of the Five Year Integrated Programme in Management. The induction and orientation programme was spread...
Apeejay Stya University

Apeejay Stya University signs MoU with PHD Chamber in a strategic industry-academia partnership

New Delhi: In a strategic industry-academia partnership, Apeejay Stya University (ASU) and apex industry chamber Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) have recently...

Cover Story

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

 smile is far more complex than just the activation of a dozen or so muscles. It is propelled by wisdom, the ability to communicate,...


Orchha on river Betwa

Arvind Passey Editor- Education Post Water connects people, architecture, religion, mythology, and society to each other in many ways… and this happens not just in India but...

The Story-Tellers of Bhimbetaka

Arvind Passey Editor- Education Post There is an explorer within each of us. There are those who move to the mountains and explore the sublime beauty of...


The bedside book of life


Arvind Passey Editor- Education Post   piritual consciousness has no boundaries and there is no running away from past-life lessons. Outwitting the universe or manipulating our destiny do...

Where Passion Meets Education

Arvind Passey Editor- Education Post ow many students in these past few decades in independent India use words line zest, excitement, energy, fervour, eagerness, enjoyment, delight, zeal,...