Sony India Pvt. Limited, Dr. Caroline Molloy from UCA, Farnham at Woxsen University’s International Photography Seminar

Woxsen University’s International Photography Seminar

Hyderabad, 14th April 2023: School of Arts & Design, Woxsen University hosted an International Photography Seminar on Society and Pedagogy, in partnership with Sony India Pvt. Ltd. The event, which took place on 12th April, 2023, at Woxsen University campus aimed to provide a forum for discussing the scholarly dialogue needed for photography in social & pedagogical contexts. With the university’s relentless commitment to ERS activities, a group of 26 students pursuing photography at Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Fine Arts Academy (TTWR-FAA) were invited to take part in this insightful event.

The seminar was planned in 2 segments i.e., 4 keynote lectures and 2 roundtable discussions. Dr. Caroline Molloy, Programme Director of Digital & Fine Arts and Photography at UCA Farnham, delivered a lecture on ‘Living with Photography’ which gave insights on how to develop one’s unique voice & style in photography. ‘Instafake: Filtered Photography’ by Dr. Amit Chawla, Professor at Amity University, addressed the issue of manipulated and stereotyped lifestyles caused by social media and Ethical issues in photography caused by the influence of social media.

‘Art and Rework with Tribals: How Tribals Think,’ a lecture by Raghu Thomas, HOD and Lecturer, Dept. of Photography, TTWR-FAA, Sircilla, shed light on the use of photography and Shift from traditional to digital photography. He said, “creating images is a language that represents our thoughts when viewing something. It is our purpose to express ourselves through it.”

The high-impact event also drew a notable list of senior academic luminaries and industry experts, such as: Dr. Deepak John Mathew, Former Head, Department of Design and Coordinator DIC,IIT, Hyderabad; Prof. Noopur Tiwari, Visual Communication Design Educator, Adjunct Faculty, Jagran Lakecity University, Venkata Ramana Mallojala, Founder at Photriya Studios, TEDx Speaker, Hyderabad, and Mr. Bhaskar Raju YB, Lecturer, TTWR-FAA.

The panel discussions offered a platform for examining the multi-dimensional aspects of photography, both as an art form and as a tool for activism and social change. The discussions delved into topics ranging from the ethical considerations of photography to the role of photography in shaping cultural perceptions and stereotypes. The impact of new technologies on the production and distribution of photography was also explored, alongside the need to promote inclusivity and diversity in photography education.

A workshop conducted by SONY team in the latter half of the day focused on the technical and aesthetical appraisal of photography. The team had delivered multiple talks on the technical aspects of photography such as managing lights, using different tools as per expected outcome, and how to construct a narrative using all these tools. These discussions and talks had provided students a perspective on how to express the untold and hidden stories of the nature realistically with the help of natural/artificial lights, lens and a sensitive eye for detail.

“International photography seminars can play an essential role in developing discourse in the context of photography study and research in India by promoting cross-cultural exchange, providing exposure to new ideas and techniques, and creating networking opportunities for students, academicians and enthusiastic photography audiences. This seminar is unique in the Indian context to bridge cultural and systemic diversity, social implications and industry gaps,” said Dr. Adity Saxena, Dean-School of Arts & Design, Woxsen University.

This impactful seminar was a huge success and exemplifies the institution’s commitment to providing a platform for intellectual discourse, creative expression, and educational excellence. The partnership with Sony will further drive internship & career opportunities for design students of Woxsen University.


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