Futuristic Skill-Oriented Programs Launched in Collaboration with IBM and Tata Tech at LTSU, Punjab

LTSU is recognized by the UGC, New Delhi, and established by the Government of Punjab under state act No 22 of 2021and this Institution aims to position India as a global leader in the skill-based workforce.

LTSU Program
Lamrin Tech Skills University Punjab is first of its kind skill university in India

Lamrin Tech Skills University (LTSU) Punjab, in collaboration with global tech giants, IBM, TATA Technologies, and Ansys, has successfully launched job-oriented skill programs, marking a new milestone in the Indian education system.

The flagship programs recently launched by Lamrin Tech Skills University Punjab are the B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, backed by IBM, and the B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Design and Manufacturing, in collaboration with Employability.life. These four-year B.Tech courses stand out due to their strong emphasis on live projects through Project-Based Learning (PBL). The program structure spans 2.5 years of studying core and high-end technologies, followed by a semester dedicated to live projects from the industry. The final year involves a one-year on-the-job deployment, allowing students to gain practical experience and prepare for the demands of the industry.

Speaking at the launch event, Dr. Sandeep Singh Kaura, the Chancellor of Lamrin Tech Skills University, Punjab, expressed his optimism about the industry-academia collaborations, which are aligned with Hon’ble PM Modi’s vision for industry 4.0. Dr. Kaura emphasized that the university’s focus is on practical output and job deployment in the industry, aiming to make India the skill capital of the world and provide a platform for Indian youth to acquire globally-relevant skills.

Dr. Kaura further highlighted the admission criteria for the programs, stating that meritorious students with a minimum of 70% marks are eligible for the IBM program, while a minimum of 60% marks is required for admission to the Employability.life program. To ensure that deserving students from humble backgrounds are not hindered by financial constraints, LTSU has partnered with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to provide easy, collateral-free financing options. The university boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the admission process aims to protect students from unscrupulous agents. This year, LTSU plans to admit a total of six thousand students across all courses, offering them the opportunity to pursue their chosen careers and dreams.

Regarding the university’s intake capacity, Dr. Kaura revealed that there are 1360 seats available under the various programs of the Centre of Excellence (CoE), 3500 seats offered under the Centre of Specialized Training (CoST), 4000 seats funded by the government under the Centre of Vocational Training (CoVT), and 1000 seats under the Learn & Earn program.

Mr. Supriyo Chaudhuri, the CEO of Employability.life, expressed delight at the partnership with Lamrin Tech Skills University. He highlighted the groundbreaking employer-engaged Agile-projects-based Engineering degree, the first of its kind in India. Students participating in this program will engage in team-based projects, solving real-life problems, and interact with industry and subject matter experts, preparing them for the world of work while still studying. In addition to mastering their domain, students will develop professional skills for the global digital economy through Employability.life’s 5 Digital Economy Capabilities (5DEC) model. Upon completion, students will earn globally recognized experiential micro-credentials (XPMCs) backed by the university’s strategic partner, Federation University Australia. The collaboration aims to produce professionals equipped with skills relevant to local job markets and the potential to become global business leaders.

Mr. Sanjiv Mehta, Advisor & Head- Program Development at IBM, provided insights into the new-age, industry-focused programs developed by IBM. He highlighted that no Indian university had previously offered world-class skill programs created by the industry to train the next generation of experts. The program’s distinguished quality lies in its emphasis on understanding emerging technologies and the involvement of IBM industry professionals leading workshops and lab sessions. The most in-demand skills, not only in India but around the world, include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML), Data Science, Cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The program aims to address the anticipated 15 lakh job openings in these high-end technologies by 2027.

Prof. B. S. Satyal, the Registrar of LTSU, detailed the university’s collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). He mentioned the large number of candidates who have already applied for the entrance test conducted by IBM from 27 states across India. With an efficient admission process, selected candidates from over 15 states have visited the campus, received admission letters, and had their loans approved within 4-5 hours, without the need for collateral guarantees. Meritorious candidates undergo an entrance exam conducted by IBM, and based on their merit, they are offered admission to the B.Tech CSE program. The same approach is followed for candidates interested in BTech Mechanical, specializing in Design & Manufacturing, in collaboration with Employability.life.

Located in the picturesque foothills of the Shiwalik Range, near Ropar, on the banks of the Satluj River, LTSU occupies a sprawling 100-acre campus. The university’s objectives include designing skill-based programs in partnership with global tech giants, framing a well-structured curriculum mentored by industry experts and academicians, and ensuring students are industry-ready through training in skill-based courses.

The launch of these skill-oriented programs marks a significant step towards nurturing a highly skilled workforce in India, keeping pace with global technological advancements and fulfilling the aspirations of Indian youth. With a focus on practical learning, industry collaboration, and global skill standards, LTSU Punjab is set to empower students and bridge the gap between academia and industry, propelling India towards becoming a global leader in skill-based education.


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