Woxsen University

Woxsen University

Education infrastructure like the Academic Buildings, Classrooms, Laboratories, Library are crucial elements of learning environment. Which is why state-of-the-art learning facilities like Bloomberg Finance Lab, AI & Robotics Lab, Analytics & Behavioural Lab have been built and offered to the students. The program curriculum is crafted in a way that students learn by engaging in practical application of skills, theories and models.

Bloomberg Finance Lab

Woxsen UniversityWoxsen University, with its exclusive MBA & BBA (Financial Services), will unleash the power of technology & information through the Iconic Bloomberg Lab. The real-world experience that students will garner, will confer an unmatched advantage in both business & finance. With 20 Bloomberg terminals and theatre-style seating Woxsen University’s Bloomberg Finance Lab is amongst the largest in India.

There are many advantages to students! First-off the Bloomberg-Integrated Curriculum, that is designed exclusively in collaboration with Bloomberg Finance Lab and the same will be delivered through Bloomberg Terminals.

Second being, through this suite, students will acquire Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA) in a whole range of Financial services like Capital Markets, Equity Research, Credit Ratings, Debt Markets, Bond Markets, Commodity Markets, Equity Markets, and various products like Indices and Linkages, Futures, Options and Swaps.

Woxsen UniversityThirdly, Students will have access to Real-time Global Market Data. Given the volatile nature of the markets, predicting market trends is nearly impossible, but with the help of Bloomberg Terminal, Woxsen students will have the ability to track and analyze data across the globe and extrapolate future trends using cutting[1]edge Technical Analytical tools.

AI & Robotics Lab

Woxsen UniversityWoxsen continuously strives to update the core facilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning laboratory. Powered with latest GPUs from NVIDIA to updated IMAC’s, the laboratory is well equipped to run complex algorithms.

The facility is open 24X7 for students, faculty and staff of Woxsen, aiming to enlighten the knowledge base in the areas of data science, data analytics, predictive analytics and more.

Analytics & Behavioral Lab

Woxsen University

The ‘Analytics & Behavioral Lab’ is a platform for students, scholars, researchers, and practitioners to collaborate and learn business data analysis for meaningful and reliable insights for a better future. The lab aims to work on and solve industry and behavioral related scenarios through experimentation and data analysis. The Analytics and Behavioral Lab is highly equipped with advanced software, technology, and equipment required to conduct high-end advanced data analytics.

Design, Architecture & Technology – Labs, Studios & Workshops

Woxsen UniversityWoxsen University provides a creative environment and expert support for students to develop, experiment, and collaborate on projects. University offers access to cutting[1]edge research facilities which is accessible to the School of Design, Technology, and Architecture.

Our undergraduate labs and workshops are fully equipped with advanced technology that meets industry standards promoting applied learning. These labs are curriculum-aligned, helping in differentiated learning so that students acquire the necessary skills to foster innovation. We have an open lab culture that encourages students to explore, create, and transcend, making learning more interactive and experimental.

There are two new additions to Woxsen’s elaborate Campus they are “The Vithal Gandhi Centre” recognized amongst the Largest libraries in India. Built on an expansive area of 70,000 Sq. Ft., Woxsen University’s Library will provide students access to over 10,000 books and journals and 33000+ online resources and “The League” a professional-grade Mega Sports Complex. The New Sports Complex will be home to FIFA Standard Football Fields, ITF Standard Tennis Court, Professional league Box Cricket Arena and more.

To know more log on to the www. woxsen.edu.in


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