UGC Announces 721 NEP SAARATHI Transforming Higher Education in India

NEP SAARATHI is an initiative by UGC to promote the new National Education Policy in India.

UGC Minimum Mandatory Disclosure

NEP SAARATHI: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced its selection of 721 National Education Policy student ambassadors for academic reforms in transforming higher education in India, known as NEP SAARATHIs, representing 262 higher education institutions across the nation.

The UGC website will host the complete list of these students starting tomorrow. NEP SAARATHI, initiated by the UGC, aims to foster student involvement in implementing the NEP. Nominations were solicited by the commission back in May 2023, and now the selected SAARATHIs will take on their roles and responsibilities in line with the NEP SAARATHI guidelines, which can be accessed on the official website at

In response to the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), the UGC introduced SAARATHI in May 2023 to acknowledge the pivotal role students play in shaping educational policies. According to the commission, this is a pioneering effort to tap into the unique perspectives, creativity, and leadership potential of students in national-level policy-making.

The scheme’s guidelines are readily available on the website, and each SAARATHI has received a notification letter from the UGC secretary. Chairman of the UGC, M Jagadesh Kumar, expressed, “Students are the cornerstone of any education policy. Recognizing this, NEP SAARATHI represents a groundbreaking initiative promoting student engagement in policy implementation to cultivate leadership and civic sensibilities.” NEP SAARATHIs will spearhead a range of initiatives within their campuses and communities, facilitating direct engagement with policymakers and regulatory authorities.

In a video message, the UGC Chairman extended congratulations to the NEP SAARATHIs and participating institutions, warmly welcoming them to embark on the NEP implementation journey across the country.


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