JNU Breaks New Ground with Historic Faculty Appointments

JNU's Historic Faculty Recruitment Drive Promotes Diversity, Empowers Women, and Sets Records in the Pursuit of Academic Excellence and Inclusivity.

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has embarked on its largest faculty recruitment drive since its establishment by appointing professors from the Scheduled Tribe (ST) category. This initiative, aimed at promoting diversity and implementing constitutional guarantees, marks a significant milestone for the institution.

Empowering Women and Promoting Inclusivity

Over the past 19 months, JNU has made substantial progress in empowering women within the academic community. The university has recruited 23 female candidates, with the possibility of further appointments as the process continues. Notably, women are also assuming leading administrative roles, exemplified by the recent appointment of JNU’s first female Central Vigilance Officer. Moreover, among the 48 chairpersons heading various schools, at least 14 centers now have women chairpersons. Faculty promotions have emerged as a top priority, with women achieving prominent positions such as JNU’s Director (Research & Development) and President (Internal Complaints Committee), according to JNU’s Vice-Chancellor, Santishree Pandit.

“This is a mission-driven effort to introduce diversity and uphold our constitutional commitments,” remarked Prof. Pandit.

Unprecedented Recruitment Drive

Official data reveals that 186 candidates participated in the rigorous recruitment process. JNU posted on its official platform that 331 faculty positions were advertised, including 128 reserved positions. Out of the 48 professors interviewed, 21 hailed from the UR category, 7 from SC, 4 from ST, 15 from OBC, and 1 from the PWD category.

The Associate Professor category saw interviews with 97 candidates, comprising 30 from the UR category, 22 from SC, 12 from ST, 30 from OBC, 1 from EWS, and 2 from PWD. Interviews were conducted for 6 candidates from the UR category, 7 from SC, 8 from ST, 16 from OBC, 1 from EWS, and 3 from the PWD category for the role of Assistant Professor.

JNU Data

Prof. Pandit emphasized JNU’s commitment to filling academic positions, especially in the long-vacant reserved categories. Over the past year, the institution has rapidly filled vacant posts with record numbers of teachers.

JNU highlighted that it has executed the highest number of promotions through Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) in its history during the past 19 months, with ongoing efforts in mission mode.

The university aims to fill 388 non-teaching positions through National Testing Agency (NTA) exams, setting another record for inclusivity and recruitment in this category.


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