J&K univs extend the retirement age of professors to 65 years

Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Government Extends Retirement Age for University Professors to 65 Years with Evaluation Criteria

Kashmir University
Kashmir University

The Jammu and Kashmir government has made a decision to extend the retirement age of J&K Universities’ professors from 62 to 65 years. However, this enhancement comes with certain conditions that need to be fulfilled. The administrative Council, chaired by J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, took this decision as per an official document.

To ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation, the government has established a committee led by J&K Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta. This committee will meticulously examine each case individually and make decisions regarding the enhancement of the retirement age on a case-by-case basis.

The Higher Education Department (HED) sent a notice to the Registrar of Jammu University, informing them about this government decision. According to the official government order, several parameters will be considered in evaluating the performance of university professors before they reach the age of 62.

The committee’s assessment will encompass various aspects, including the overall performance of the professor, and their physical and mental health suitability for teaching and research assignments within the university. Additionally, the evaluation will take into account the general conduct and behavior of the professors, ensuring adherence to the conduct standards outlined by the Civil Service Regulations of the J&K government.

The professors will also be evaluated based on their teaching contribution, considering student feedback and the adoption of new pedagogical approaches in their teaching practices. The committee will assess the academic contribution of the professors, considering factors such as publications, books, chapters in books, and participation in seminars, conferences, and workshops. The development of new syllabi and courses, patents, and consultancy assignments, as well as any awards and fellowships received by the professors, will also be taken into account for enhancing their retirement age.

Furthermore, the committee will assess the professors’ research contributions, including the number of research publications in renowned journals, the enrollment and supervision of Ph.D. candidates, and their involvement in research projects and fellowships.

The professors’ contributions to the institution will also be considered, taking into account their participation in university committees and overall contributions to the institution’s growth.

With this decision, the Jammu and Kashmir government aims to retain experienced and qualified professors within the university system for a longer period. The rigorous evaluation process will ensure that deserving professors continue to contribute to the academic landscape while maintaining the highest standards of performance and conduct.


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