8th Edition of TEDx IIM Rohtak Inspires with “Comeback Chronicles” Theme

IIM Rohtak TedX

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Rohtak, played host to the 8th edition of TEDx IIM Rohtak, steering conversations around the theme “Comeback Chronicles.” This edition marked another significant stride in the institution’s commitment to hosting events that challenge conventional thinking and foster positive change.

A diverse lineup of visionaries from various corners of India took the stage, initiating thought-provoking discussions poised to catalyze transformative thinking. Speakers such as Jyoti Bhardwaj, entrepreneur and founder of TeaFit; Vikaas Gutgutia, founder of Ferns and Petals; Lt. Cdr. Aishwarya Boddapati, leader of an all-women’s crew that successfully circumnavigated the globe; Santosh Yadav, the first woman to summit Mount Everest twice; Kevin Zingkhai, content creator with over 500,000 followers; Aatman Desai, content creator of humorous skits; and Sakshi Keswani, a digital content creator celebrated for entertainment videos, shared their stories.

The event revolved around the strength derived from resilience, the power of learning from failures, and the beauty of embracing differences. Each speaker shed light on the hurdles they faced, narrating their unique paths to overcoming challenges.IIM Rohtak TedX

Ms. Bhardwaj emphasized self-reflection and impartial self-assessment as key tools for identifying solutions to obstacles, while Mr. Gutgutia urged listeners to focus on core strengths and seek partners who complement their skills. Lt. Cdr. Aishwarya highlighted the need to confront fears through engaging in anxiety-inducing activities.

The speakers underscored the role of optimism, personal growth, and the significance of self-awareness in overcoming obstacles. The importance of resilience took center stage as Ms. Santosh and Lt. Cdr. Aishwarya shared gripping accounts of near-death encounters and how courage, determination, and resilience led them to survival.

Entrepreneurship’s role in job creation and economic growth was a focal point, with Ms. Jyoti and Mr. Vikaas emphasizing the commitment required to overcome daily setbacks. Creativity, resilience, and self-confidence emerged as essential attributes for entrepreneurs.

In the realm of digital creation, the speakers highlighted the democratization of access and its challenges. Mr. Kevin, Mr. Aatman, and Ms. Sakshi stressed the role of passion, open-mindedness, and resilience in making a mark as content creators.

In conclusion, TEDx IIM Rohtak showcased inspiring stories from diverse domains, emphasizing resilience as the common thread weaving through barriers hindering the realization of dreams.


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