South Korean giant Samsung considers protecting government customers data as top priority

A customer stands near Samsung logo during Galaxy Note 8 consumer launch event in Jakarta, Indonesia September 29, 2017. REUTERS/Beawiharta/Files

South Korean giant Samsung on Wednesday said it is developing more powerful, secure and flexible security solutions to protect its customers’ privacy and the topmost priority is to safeguard critical data that belong to its government customers worldwide.

The company said it would extend its multi-layered security platform “Knox” to all the devices and appliances to safeguard sensitive information against malware and hackers.

“Governments are our biggest customers in various countries so it becomes important to invest time in the security of critical data that may range from civilian to military. We work closely with the government customers to meet their specific requirements over privacy and security,” told Nick Dawson, Director B2B Product Management Group Mobile Communications Business at Samsung.

Samsung considers the privacy and security of an individual’s data out top priority. As the largest Android device manufacturer, we are focused on to develop more powerful, secure and flexible security solutions for the customers. The idea is to build further trust among the users for Samsung devices and also collaborate with their partners in India to achieve the same as Dawson elaborated.

“Knox” is built into both the hardware and software of Samsung’s latest devices. It constantly verifies the integrity of the device through a chain of security checks that begin at the platform level and extend to the operating system and detects any tampering to ensure that your data is always secure.

The platform includes different components of device security, ranging from varying levels of device configuration to a firmly controlled military-grade mobile security platform.

“With ‘Knox’, we have placed several layers of security into the heart of computing devices, securing content from hardware to software,” the Samsung executive noted.

“With the introduction of 5G globally, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices would definitely grow and with this, the threat of malware attacks would also increase. We are extensively working to create better solutions to protect IoT-driven products with the ‘Knox’,” added Dawson.

The ‘knox’ platform helps companies ensure that the devices used by employees have isolated personal and business data environments to prevent sensitive company information, in case of risk of loss or theft.

“We want to build most secure devices for our customers and company is working towards this for the last six years,” the executive noted.


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