OP Jindal Global University collaborates with New York’s PACE University

Pace University and OP Jindal University

In the presence of Prof. Marvin Krislov, President, Pace University and Prof. (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University, both of the institutes agreed to collaborate on some key aspects, including student exchange between the two universities, research projects and others.

Citing deep connections between in terms of democracy, crucial roles in global affairs and a pursuit of quality higher education, Prof. C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU), Sonipat, Haryana, informed that the university has collaborated with the Pace University of New York, the U.S.A. Prof. Marvin Krislov, President, Pace University, Prof. Jonathan Hill, Dean of the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems (PU), and Prof. Sonia Suchday, Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department, Board of Trustees Member (PU) joined the VC of JGU on Thursday at a New Delhi hotel.

Prof. Kumar enumerated five objectives of the collaboration, research-based collaboration between the professors of both the universities, being one of the core principles of it. Prof. Krislov informed that the collaboration will not only expand the horizons of both the universities’ students but the industries that are on-board with the two institutions and demographic dividends of India must be infused with high-skilled and AI-driven education that is sure to going to transform the future.

On the question of Education Post about whether JGU’s students, who will be studying at PU on exchange program, will be able to apply for the industries that are on-board with the PU, Prof. Krislov answered that yes they will be able to apply for the same. The exchange programs may vary from two years at the JGU and third year at PU (in case of three-year undergraduate program) or two or three years at JGU and another two years or the final year at PU (if it is a four-year graduation).

Founding VC of JGU said that the collaboration will be also centered on faculty-based collaboration in which professors from different departments and faculties will also be working together on various projects. Prof. Krislov also said that the JGU students, who will be eligible for PU’s programs, will equally be eligible to apply to the employers and companies that have joined their hands with PU in terms of hiring fresh graduates.

One of the key highlights of the visit of the PU’s delegation was the signing of the Semester Abroad Agreement between Jindal Global Business School (JGBS), Jindal School of Banking & Finance (JSBF), and the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. This agreement paves way towards creating an exciting and transformative experience for students of O.P Jindal Global University. Under the Semester Abroad Agreement, students from JGBS and JSBF will have the chance to immerse themselves in the dynamic academic environment of the Lubin School of Business. This international exposure will provide them with invaluable and enriching cross-cultural learning experience, gaining access to expert faculty members at Pace University.

Furthermore, an agreement for a short-term study abroad programme for JGU students at Pace University will also be signed between Pace University and O.P Jindal Global University. This agreement offers students from JGU a unique opportunity to participate in the specially designed and customized course that delve deep into the nuances of Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance. Both the agreements aim to empower students with a global perspective and equip them with invaluable skills of a lifetime. These agreements are more than just academic initiatives as they are bridges to a brighter future for students from O.P Jindal Global University, forging lifelong connections and creating well-rounded, globally aware citizens of tomorrow.


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