Woxsen University launches Project Aspiration to empower marginalised adolescent girls

Woxsen University launches Project Aspiration

Hyderabad, 27th January 2023:  Woxsen University with its firm belief in developing its ecosystem and empowering the community around the campus, has launched Project Aspiration. Woxsen’s Centre of Excellence – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has conceptualized this project for the ambitious girls of Classes IX-XII, Telangana Model School & Junior College.

Under Project Aspiration, few meritorious students are selected by the school principal to take part in ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop which commenced in the month of December, 2022. The training program was led by Postgraduate students of Woxsen University and mentored by Dr. Kakoli Sen, Dean-School of Business & Dr. Shubhendhu Patnaik, Cary Cooper Professor of Organisational Psychology.

Over 3 weeks of training sessions, the girls were exposed to different aspects of future, developing SMART goals & learnt how to work towards achieving them. Professors from different schools at Woxsen briefed the students on various avenues of higher education and career opportunities. Ms. Anubha Jain, Counsellor at Woxsen University acquainted them with important concepts of mental health and counselling.

The Project Aspiration team has organised various debates and discussed on crucial social issues to open up the young minds. After the completion of the workshop, the students apply their learnings in role-play & simulation activities. While empowering the girls from marginalised sections of society, this project simultaneously strengthens the project management skills of MBA students.

Dr. Shubhendhu Patnaik, Cary Cooper Professor of Organisational Psychology at Woxsen University said, “The Project Aspiration is not a one-time program but a continuation of teaching and learning. As long as the trainees evolve into trainers and this process continues, the project Aspiration will keep evolving organically.”


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