Modi Commends Youth’s Role in India’s Global Success at G20 University Connect Finale

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the G20 University Connect Finale at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, highlighting India’s achievements, diplomatic successes, and the role of the youth in shaping the nation’s future.

Youth's Role in India by PM Modi

At the G20 University Connect Finale, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the nation’s youth for their pivotal role in India’s recent achievements. He remarked, “India is becoming a happening place,” highlighting the nation’s rapid developments in various sectors.

Modi emphasized the significance of India’s successful space missions, including Chandrayaan and the solar mission. He stated, “23 August has become immortal as National Space Day in our country.”


Discussing India’s diplomatic prowess, he pointed out that India played a crucial role in including six new nations in the BRICS Summit. He mentioned his visit to Greece, the first by an Indian Prime Minister in four decades, and meetings with world leaders in Indonesia.

PM Modi celebrated the New Delhi Declaration, a unanimous outcome of the G20 Summit, and underlined India’s leadership in initiatives like the inclusion of the African Union in G20, the International Biofuel Alliance, and the India Middle East European corridor.

He also highlighted Saudi Arabia’s $100 billion investment in India following the G20 Summit and shared his meetings with 85 world leaders, covering nearly half of the world.

Regarding domestic developments, he discussed empowering marginalized communities, launching the PM Vishwakarma Yojna, organizing Rozgar Melas, and creating job opportunities for the youth.

He pointed out advancements in electric mobility, the approval of a new scheme for battery energy storage, and various infrastructure developments, emphasizing their role in job creation.

The Prime Minister encouraged the youth to “think big” and emphasized that “there is no achievement that is beyond you or the country is not behind you.”

He praised the youth’s participation in G20 University Connect and the government’s efforts to involve them, making G20 a people-driven national movement.


He underscored the importance of India’s progress and its youth for global development. He expressed his commitment to working tirelessly for India’s youth and encouraged them to participate in cleanliness campaigns, promote digital transactions, and support local products.

Union Minister for Education and Skill Development, Dharmendra Pradhan, expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for advancing the global education agenda under the G20 framework, resulting in international recognition for India’s education and skill ecosystem. He commended the students for their active participation, making G20 India a people-driven national movement.


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