Top HR Chiefs from TTK Prestige, Silicon Labs, Virtusa, Bureau Veritas at Woxsen’s Global HR Leadership Conclave 2022

Woxsen University hosts 4th Annual Global Leadership Conclave.

Hyderabad – Woxsen University’s 4th Annual Global HR Leadership Conclave brought together top brass of the HR fraternity and visionaries across industries. A unique opportunity for students and faculty of business to engage with the HR leaders on one platform, gain deep industry insights and understand the latest skillset required.

The panel discussions unravelled invaluable insights on the evolution of HR. How the top HR professionals are reprioritizing function goals, be it mapping talent to value, creating a workforce resilient to future disruptors, strategic workforce planning, change management and DEI initiatives.

The 4th edition saw a stellar & illustrious line-up of HR Leaders including:

  • Manas Martha, Sr. VP-HR, TTK Prestige
  • Amit Kataria, Ex-CHRO, Hanu Software
  • M Venkata Chalapathy, Sr. Director-HR, Virtusa
  • IVS Ranganath, Head HR, Shriram Bioseed
  • Dr. Ankita Singh, Sr. VP-HR, Cignex;
  • Veera Reddy, Head HR, Cigniti Technologies
  • Sharmila Thakur, Head HR, Bureau Veritas
  • Subramanian S, India Lead-Campus Recruitment, Silicon Labs
  • Narane Gundabathula, Head HR, CDK Global
  • Srivatsa Nagarajaiah, Director HR, Thryve Digital.

HR veteran, Manas Martha, Sr. VP-HR, TTK Prestige moderated the first panel. He quoted “HR has evolved into becoming a strategic business partner and is playing a role in enabling people who are enabling businesses.” The two important questions that the panellists focused on were the role of HR as culture custodian and role of HR as Strategic Business Partner.

IVS Ranganath, Head HR, Shriram Bioseed sharing his views on cultural shift from industrial revolution to information revolution to social revolution, said that “The organisations of today has a mix up of employees from Gen X, Y & Z. So the culture of an organisation has to be adaptable to these various generations of people.”

Sharmila Thakur, Head HR, Bureau Veritas while expressing her views on how an organisation can measure if their employees are keeping up with its culture, exclaimed “As an HR, You need to capture the voice of your employees, after which you arrive at certain dimensions and parameters of how aligned they are to your company’s culture. They would never promote your culture unless they are aligned with you.

Amit Kataria, Ex-CHRO, Hanu Software, moderated the second panel which elucidated on digital transformation and importance of futuristic skills to excel in today’s world. Dr. Ankita Singh, Sr. VP-HR, Cignex quoted “You may be the expert in a particular thing but if it’s not the need of the market, then it has no value. Two important skills that can never be compromised to survive in an organisation are human skills & communication skills.”

Veera Reddy, Head HR, Cigniti Technologies sharing his thoughts on Digital Transformation & Digital Disruption said, “HR is getting technical in today’s world. Digital transformation is not taking jobs aways, instead it is creating more job opportunities.”

Talking about DEI, Srivatsa Nagarajaiah, Director HR, Thryve Digital added “ It is the responsibility of the organization to build an environment conducive to workforce from diverse backgrounds and physical abilities. HR plays a critical role to ensure inclusivity,  helping attract and retain good talent to remain competitive in business.”

This year’s Global HR Conclave acted as a platform where HR Veterans convened and expressed their individual perspectives on topics ranging from Human engineering, transformation from predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics of HR, Inclusivity, Ethical Code of Conduct & Sustainability among others.


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