FLAME University Students Excel as Regional Champions in GOMAC 2023

FLAME University
FLAME University Students at GOMAC 2023

FLAME University, known for pioneering liberal education in India, has reached a new milestone. Students from the university have been named Asia & Pacific/Middle East & Africa Regional Winners at GOMAC 2023 for their exceptional marketing campaign in a real-world setting. This achievement highlights the university’s dedication to a dynamic academic community and up-to-date curricula that align with the real world.

GOMAC is a global competition that invites students worldwide to create, execute, optimize, and report on digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns involve practical experience in digital marketing, covering platforms like Google Ads.

The winning team, made up of five FLAME undergraduate third-year students—Prathik Gala, Aashna Karia, Khushi Arutla (captain), Arun Ravi, and Saurabh Mehta—under the guidance of Prof. Rohit Tiwari, Faculty of Digital Marketing at FLAME University, collaborated with the Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management to secure the title of Asia & Pacific/Middle East & Africa Regional Winners.

Judges praised the team for their well-crafted Google Ads and social media campaigns, highlighting their consistent reporting and insightful analysis. The submission demonstrated an excellent understanding of the situation, resulting in commendable overall results. Presentations before and after the campaign led to significant increases in website traffic and expanded social media reach.

Prof. Rohit Tiwari expressed pride in the global recognition, stating, “Our students have gained global recognition at GOMAC, breaking boundaries with an innovative marketing campaign. This award reflects FLAME University’s commitment to creating impactful real-world campaigns and exploring new frontiers in global education.”

For more information about the 2023 GOMAC winners, visit: https://www.gomachallenge.com/2023-gomac-winners/ 


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