Edfibre and ATMC Successfully Host India Australia Educational Conclave, Fostering Cross-Border Collaboration for Enhanced Learning

dfibre and ATMC Successfully Host India Australia Educational Conclave

edfibre – a collaborative learning platform along with ATMC Australian Technical & Management college, Sydney, Melbourne, Australia recently organized the “India Australia Educational Conclave” in New Delhi on August 12th. The event aimed to bring together educators, universities, and stakeholders for collaboration. Notably, senior leaders from universities, schools, strategic pathway partners, and trusted advisors were present.

Dr. Manish Malhotra, Founder ATMC Education Group said – India and Australia have much to gain through NEP collaboration. The NEP 2020 is a call-to-arms to diversify our collective approach, and Australian institutions stand ready and willing to assist Indian universities in pursuing areas of shared interest.

The conclave facilitated discussions to enhance educational cooperation and quality. It underscored the power of joint efforts in advancing learning experiences. The event showcased the potential of cross-border partnerships to benefit education.

It serves as a testament to the promising India-Australia partnership, particularly in education. As the impact of the event lingers, ongoing conversations between the two nations are poised to yield lasting advantages, contributing to the educational progress of both.

Mr. Soni Charanjeet, Chief Revenue Officer of the ATMC Education Group, emphasized the event’s significance. He highlighted its role in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange between India and Australia. This gathering represents a substantial stride in strengthening educational bonds between the two nations.


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