CKS and Esri India Launches MMGEIS Program to Transform Geospatial Education in India

Through MMGEIS, we aim to nurture the personal growth of students by fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, says Vinit Goenka

MMGEIS Program
The MMGEIS program aims to reach up to 1,00,000 students annually. (Image/Twitter)

Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty (CKS) and Esri India Technologies Pvt Ltd have joined forces to launch the ‘Master Mentors Geo-Enabling Indian Scholars’ (MMGEIS) program as a move towards making India a global powerhouse in geospatial technology. This initiative was inaugurated in the presence of Shri Kiran Kumar, former Chairman of ISRO.

The MMGEIS program, targeting students from 8th grade to undergraduate levels, aims to skill and inspire the next generation of geospatial leaders. An MOU was signed by Vinit Goenka, Secretary, CKS, and Agendra Kumar, Managing Director, Esri India, to boost India’s presence in the geospatial technology arena.

To enable up to 1 lakh students annually, the MMGEIS program will commence its pilot project in January 2024, with a full-fledged rollout scheduled for June 2024. Aligned with the New National Education Policy’s focus on experiential learning, the program will provide students with vision talks, one-on-one mentoring by experts, and interactive activities.

  1. Free Registrations across the Country: The MMGEIS program opens its doors to aspiring geospatial enthusiasts across India with free registrations. This inclusive approach ensures that talented students from all backgrounds have access to this transformative opportunity.
  2. Participation of 16 Schools: Sixteen schools have initially partnered with the program, signaling a strong start to the nationwide initiative. These schools will play a pivotal role in shaping the success and impact of the MMGEIS program.
  3. Language Flexibility: While the course material will be initially provided in English, the program offers flexibility by allowing a switch to regional languages based on the preferences of schools or students. This adaptability ensures a more inclusive and accessible learning experience.

Vinit Goenka, Secretary, CKS, highlighted the transformative potential of skilled mentors, stating, “Through MMGEIS, we aim to nurture the personal growth of students by fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our goal is to establish a robust foundation that inspires our children to become innovators and make meaningful contributions to the development of our nation.”

Agendra Kumar, MD, Esri India, emphasized the role of GIS technologies in India’s development trajectory. “The MMGEIS program reflects our shared vision to empower students to think spatially, innovate, and create intellectual property in the geospatial space,” he remarked.

AS Kiran Kumar, Member, Space Commission and Former Chairman, ISRO, praised the initiative, foreseeing a surge in patents filed by young Indians and underscoring the importance of stimulus in fostering innovation.

The MMGEIS program, designed to cultivate spatial thinking from an early age, aims to enhance India’s future standing on the innovation index, driving economic growth and societal progress through the creation of intellectual property.


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