IIT Kanpur Alumnus Elevates Electrical Engineering Department with $200,000 Donation

Ashish Karandikar & Abhay Karandikar
Ashish Karandikar & Abhay Karandikar

Ashish Karandikar, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) now based in the United States, has made a contribution of $200,000 (approximately ₹1,60,00,000) to his alma mater. This donation is for the establishment of three distinct programs dedicated to foster innovation, excellence, and academic growth within the Electrical Engineering department at IIT Kanpur.

The collaboration between Mr. Karandikar, IIT Kanpur, and the IITK Foundation, USA was formalized through a MoU. The collaborative effort involved active participation from all parties. The three programs include the Smt. Lata and Shri K.G. Karandikar Faculty Chair, which aims to empower IITK faculty members to engage in ground-breaking research and mentor the next generation of engineers.

A picture from the virtual inaugural event for the establishment of three endowed programs
A picture from the virtual inaugural event for the establishment of three endowed programs

The donation establishes the Karandikar Best Ph.D. Thesis Award, which seeks to recognize outstanding scholarly contributions by celebrating exceptional doctoral theses. This initiative aims to encourage innovation and uphold high academic standards among doctoral candidates. Karandikar Student Scholarship is introduced to nurture and support students financially, enabling them to pursue their academic endeavors and make meaningful contributions to the field of electrical engineering.

Prof. S. Ganesh, Director of IIT Kanpur, expressed his gratitude for Mr. Karandikar’s generous donation. The donation is expected to have a positive impact on faculty, researchers, and students within the Electrical Engineering Department.

Ashish Karandikar, currently serving as the Vice President at NVIDIA, shared his belief in the transformative power of education and how it has played a pivotal role in his own life. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to give back, he highlighted the significance of supporting the Electrical Engineering Department at IIT.

Dr. Abhay Karandikar, brother of Ashish Karandikar and an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, provided insights into the motivation behind the endowed programs. He underscored the importance of the faculty chair in advancing research and acknowledged the need for increased recognition of outstanding Ph.D. work. The establishment of a scholarship for undergraduate students reflects Ashish Karandikar’s strong commitment to supporting the educational journeys of aspiring engineers.

This substantial donation is anticipated to open new avenues for growth, research, and learning within the Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Kanpur, contributing significantly to the institute’s vibrant research and development ecosystem.


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