UGC New Refund Policy Gives Huge Relief to Students and Parents

University Grants Commission
University Grants Commission

UGC (University Grants Commission) gave a huge relief to the students and parents, who struggle to get a refund from the college after admission cancellation. UGC has directed HEI (Higher Educational Institutions) to refund their fees if the student wants to cancel their admission or migrate up to September 30.

The UGC has come up with a new refund policy for the academic session of 2023-24. During the 570th meeting on June 27, the UGC decided that as per the policy, the HEI can deduct a maximum amount of Rs 1000 as a part of the processing fee, if the students opt to cancel their admission or want to migrate. The deadline is October 31st.

This new refund policy gave a huge relief to the students and their parents as some colleges, especially the engineering colleges used to uphold students’ certificates on the account of admission cancellation and migration.

Those institutions whose admissions will extend beyond 31st October, have to refund a full fee if the student withdraws the admission within 15 days or more before the last date.

The HEIs will refund a 90 percent fee if the students cancel their admission in less than 15 days before the last date. Similarly, the student will get a 50% fee if they cancel their admission 30 days or less, after the last date of admission. There won’t be any kind of refund from the HEIs if the admission gets canceled more than 30 days after the notified deadline.

UGC has warned the HEIs of punitive action if they violate the provisions of the refund policy. If any institution tries to violate the policy, one can register a complaint at UGC’s online System Grievance Redressal at . UGC chairman Prof. M. Jagadesh Kumar said that the aim is that students can shift from one place to another without any financial loss.


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