In Quest of an Ideal Destination for B.Tech. Aspirants

Dr. Vikram Bali, Director - IMS Engineering College

Dr. Vikram Bali
Director – IMS Engineering College

It has been witnessed for more than two decades, IMS Engineering College has been extremely successful in executing disruptive modifications and thus emerged as one of the most prominent chosen few academic destinations by the fraternity of engineering aspirants. Over the years, IMSEC has been highly instrumental in undertaking diversified proactive and crucial steps for the growth of engineering education, maintenance of standards, and sustaining the curricula and its relevancy as per the industry fulfillment. It is a matter of pride that much has been accomplished as per the continuously changing expectations of the industry, global society and vast stakeholder community and the appetite to excel, inspire us to welcome and embrace technology disruptions, globalization and do required changes from time to time accordingly and maybe that is the reason that today IMS Engineering College needs no introduction and stands tall among the rest.

It bestows me immense pleasure to disseminate a few latest statistics about the institution which are certainly landmarks for us and thrives us to contribute much better in future to conquer remaining milestones to uplift academics and humanity simultaneously for establishing a better community, a much better nation and an enchanting, sustainable and enduring world, that’s too within a stipulated time frame.

“By Times Engineering Institute Ranking Survey 2023”, IMS Engineering College Ghaziabad has been ranked 4th in North Region, stands at position 13th among Top 70 Private Institutes in context to Placements, holds 16th pedestal among Top Private Engineering Institutes, consolidated at 18th among Top 170 Engineering Institutes and bagged 19th place among the Top 30 Institutes in Research Capability.

Yet in another survey conducted by “Competition Success Review Engineering College Survey 2023”, we are ranked at 4th position among Top Engineering Colleges in Uttar Pradesh, plinth at position 10th among Top Emerging Engineering Colleges of Super Excellence. I am sure that with this sort of clarity and vision, we can even achieve the impossible and transform our dreams into reality.

We are NAAC & NBA accredited for maintaining world-class quality in education & infrastructure. Highly experienced and dedicated faculty team, state-of-the-art laboratories, computer centers, learning resource centers and wholesome pedagogic skills/ pedagogical techniques provide the students with highly exciting and gainful opportunities to acquire knowledge and technical expertise necessary for grooming and orienting their creative young minds. IMSEC Ghaziabad is a TCS-accredited college for Placements & Project Activities.

In context to Patents, It is a matter of immense pride and privilege that B.Tech. Ist-year students have been successful in publishing “12 Patents” to their credit. The objective of this B.Tech course is to foster curiosity, creativity, and imagination in young energetic and ignited minds to inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning and physical computing with many more comprehensive and lucrative tributaries. We can easily estimate that if the students can add laurels in this rudimentary stage of their leaning, i.e. in B.Tech. Ist year, then by their time of completion of B.Tech we all can imagine the career heights they can conquer to beat their competitors seamlessly.

When we talk about signing of MoUs, I am very much affirmative about factors like technology and globalization have navigated the seeds in communities to motivate and transform themselves into knowledge–driven thinkers and operators. Thus, to develop a strong technology-driven and innovative mindset to pursue a successful engineering career and simultaneously train the students to apply engineering-prompted principles and concepts in real-world situations to solve complex problems, collaborations with training organizations having expertise in core fields is indeed a logical move.

Singing of MoUs with training organizations of repute is the only prudent and strategic decision to elevate students’ academic horizon to the next level so that they can be guided, rekindle and reignite their thought processes to answer their inquisitiveness and quench their thirst for their engineering appetite, decoded in making them unstoppable to architect a robust, sustainable and evergreen career.

Therefore, professional associations with highly specific acumen of “Expert Centres” cultivate a cushion or wall and function as an insulating halo that prevents our students from the phobia of remaining unemployable and generates a high octane level of confidence to encounter this highly competitive world and inspires them to pave a path of success in redefining and catapulting their career goals with immense optimism.

If we talk about Training and Placements, we all know that there is a huge gulf between the expectations of the industry and the end products in academia. Of course, there are several challenges because we least pay heed to the industry demands and innovative research-based ideology. We have to cope up with the rapid changes in the global business environment with the advent of advanced technological developments. Distinguished tools and techniques have been summarized to connect the temperament of higher educational institutions and corporate world. We are encouraging industry interactions for students by strengthening our Training and Placement Division and creating a robust alumni network infrastructure. Emphasis must be on experiential education by involving students in real life projects. The time demands to formulate some strategies to bridge this vacuum earnestly and with immediate effect.

Nevertheless, amalgamation of both hard and soft skills judiciously in the adequate ratio to yield result-oriented achievements is the buzz word of today. We have to encourage finishing schools to enhance employability. This can be achieved by execution of the concept of Learning Factories, which is of paramount importance. Combine didactical approaches and existing concepts with emerging topics of the industry is the need of the hour. In nutshell, we have to ensure seamless coordination between academia and industry.

IMSEC endeavors to provide the best placements in respect to Brand, Salary package and Future Growth Prospects. Under graduating & Post graduating students are exposed to preparatory sessions on selfgrooming, CV drafting, Interview skills, Presentation skills, and Personal rejuvenation & Branding. An ecosystem is cultivated for students’ engagements with career specialists, HR from organizations, and resource persons pertaining to specific domain expertise.

The Training & Placement Cell assists students in analyzing their Strengths, Weaknesses and Interests that fosters inquisitive ness in identification and thus amplifying their career goals. This strategy spurs momentum to plan the career in such a way that encompasses one’s strengths, values and hobbies to architect a resilient career in accordance with their aptitude to earn Name, Fame and caters fiscal consolidation too. The students are provided with ample of opportunities for cementing professional relationships with the business communities through strong Alumni and Social networks& links. The Cell accelerates and dedicatedly caters the need for organizing Seminars, Industrial & Corporate Workshops and Project Work for the students.

The Institute has partnered with firms to provide the best platforms in the industry to our students. The Institute has tied-up with learning centres & bodies, to improve the students’ communication & soft skills. The Institute has also in-house training experts to train the students in Aptitude, Critical Reasoning, Spoken English, Group Discussions, Technical and HR Interview skills.

The T&P Cell has also worked as a catalyst in launching of the Industry Institute Partnership Cell and Entrepreneurship Cell with a mission to create awareness regarding start-ups and facilities these organizations provide for establishing and converting their dreams into reality.

Recreational, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are a part and parcel of our IMS culture.

Adequate emphasis is also being provided to sports activities and indoor games to rejuvenate mind, body and soul of all students.

IMSEC also understands its responsibility towards the environment and the society. It has taken small steps towards conservation of the environment by gradually adopting Green Technology. It has its own wastewater treatment plant in which wastewater is treated and recycled for use in gardening and cleaning purposes. College has installed solar panels on its roof which fulfils a substantial portion of its electricity requirement without tarnishing the sanctity of the environment.

Therefore, on the basis of above discussions, I consider IMS Engineering College an ideal institution because of its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of thriving and creating a niche through technology driven thought processes and known for its quality technical and management education, centres of excellence, innovative teaching pedagogy, placements and other creative efforts.

Last but not least, I can foresee the consistent growth and illuminating bright future of the institution. It is asserted that IMSEC will leave no stone unturned to transform today’s youth to an epitome of success and a refined human being. We are committed as a team to add laurels to the ongoing legacy.” It has been proved several times and will provide our testimony again, that, if proper strategies & polices are implemented with a vision and blended with devotion, then anything and everything can be achieved within a stipulated time horizon.

Thus, decoding IMSEC in one line— “A committed institution envisioned for having a growth and development trajectory throughout for its students and the society at large”.


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