Indian Institute of Management Rohtak Management Summit 2023

IIM Rohtak Management Summit 2023

IIM Rohtak organized a Management Summit on the 16th of September, 2023, under the theme “Future Proofing Business: Adapting to Change and Embracing Opportunity.” Industry stalwarts from renowned organizations like Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd, Credit Suisse, Grant Thorthon, Baker Hughes, Intel, and Wipro participated in the panel discussions. They shared anecdotes from years of professional experience spread across Human Resources, Operations, and Inclusion of Technology in their respective Industries to prepare for the ever-evolving future.

The director of IIM Rohtak, Prof. Dheeraj Sharma, welcomed the guests by expressing gratitude to the distinguished panelists for their valuable insights and emphasized the need to encourage contacts between students and professionals in many fields. Emphasizing on the idea of future-proofing businesses, the esteemed Director highlighted the necessity for businesses to evolve continuously, comparing it to a  metamorphosis. He further directed the conversation to digital reinvention by stressing the idea of reinvention from an epistemological standpoint, on what constitutes reinvention and how quickly companies can stay up with technological changes.

The first panel held a discussion on the topic “Digital Reinvention: The Advent of New Technologies”. The panelists included business leaders from various industries – Mr. DillipJoshi, AVP – IT and Engineering, Shemaroo Entertainment; Mr. Sourav Dasgupta, Senior VP – IT Head, Allcargo Logistics Ltd; Mr. Yogesh Kulkarni, Chief Technology Officer, Baker Hughes and Mr. Vikram Idnani, Chief Information Officer, Landmark Group. The panelists highlighted how various tools such as AI, ML, and IoT are being leveraged in multiple manners to automate and improve the way businesses work in the Media, Retail, Logistics, and Oil and gas sectors, which the panelists represented. Further, the panel discussion provided insights into how technological changes have affected business processes and the challenges faced in adopting these changes. Special attention was paid to data privacy management, recognizing its paramount importance in the evolving landscape. The discussion provided insights into how the workforce tackles changes and improvements in technology, and how real humans adapt to these changes.

The second panel discussion focused on “Unlocking ROI: Hiring and Training of Current Employees for the Future”. Mr. Abhinav Iyer, GAR OD, Intel; Mr. Gaurish Wagh, Global Talent Management – Change Expert, Credit Suisse; and Mr. Amit Chincholikar, Chief Human Resource Officer, Yokohama OHT were among the panelists. The panel drew attention to the importance of ROI and employee-centric approaches in adapting to evolving workforce trends. Further, the discussion moved to the importance of upskilling for future employability as companies increasingly prioritize adaptable hires and emphasize self-driven career growth. The panelists highlighted how integrative hiring, considering job, role, and attitudinal fit, and assessing traits like curiosity and humility are increasingly gaining importance. The discussion concluded by stressing the importance of shifting the mindset about gig workers and how these changes can be implemented in a large organization.

Focusing on the importance of technology in the changing landscape of human resource management, the third panel discussion was on the topic of “HR 4.0: Navigating the Future of Work.” Ms. Meenakshi Cornelius, Chief Human Resources Officer, JLL; Mr. Pradeep Singh, Director – India Rewards, Salesforce; Ms. Preeti Ahuja, Human Resource Leader, Atlas Copco; Ms. Priyanka Thakur, Country Talent Management & Development Lead, AstraZeneca; Ms. Sushma Bendore, Senior Vice President | Chief Learning Officer, Motilal Oswal and Ms. Raeesa Naim, Director – People & Culture, Grant Thornton Bharat LLP were among the panelists. Discussions began with HR 4.0 and the 4th industrial revolution and how it emphasizes the role of people in business. The panel further discussed the changing workplace with comprehensive well-being, psychological safety, and sustainability at its center. The discussion further stressed on the importance of dashboarding – aiding HR personnels in better communication and decision-making  – and giving them more time for meaningful interactions. The panel concludes by emphasizing that technology only improves the employee experience.

The fourth panel of the summit was rooted in the topic “Redefining Consumer Preferences: Hyper Personalisation and Data-Driven Marketing,”. The panelists were Mr. Anoop Melethil, Marketing Head, Maveric System; Ms. Divya Puri, Senior Director – Marketing, Cushman & Wakefield; Mr. Prashant Nair, Head-Marketing and Brand Management, Ashok Leyland and Mr. Ravindra Ramavath, General Manager – Marketing, Wipro CCL. The discussion began with how, in today’s fast-paced consumer landscape, marketing dynamics are undergoing a transformative shift. Further on in the discussion, the panel highlighted how leveraging data for personalized experiences is responsible for empowering consumers to make informed choices while respecting their boundaries. They also discussed that the challenge lies in accessing high-quality consumer data, an ongoing endeavor that is surging within FMCG companies. This pursuit holds the promise of heightened optimization and efficiency. The panel concluded that this evolving landscape beckons individuals to find their equilibrium in a future where the distinction between the tangible and virtual is poised to become ever more nuanced.

IIM Rohtak continues to grow by leaps and bounds in terms of providing students with enough exposure and learning opportunities through Corporate Connect programs in the current academic year and flagship events like the Management Summit and Management Conclave.


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