IIM Kashipur Pioneers Digital Empowerment and Capacity Building under NEP 2020 for Working Professionals

IIM Kashipur
IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur, takes strides towards realizing the goals of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, focusing on digital empowerment and capacity building for the professional workforce.

In line with the vision set forth by NEP 2020, IIM Kashipur is committed to fostering digital empowerment and enhancing the skill sets of working professionals. NEP 2020 outlines a multi-faceted approach to higher education with goals including cultivating specialized expertise in various domains, fostering personal growth, and promoting economic independence.

Technical education, a vital subset of higher education, encompasses specializations like life and health sciences, engineering, and management. NEP 2020 anticipates a surge in demand for skilled professionals in these sectors, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary learning and stronger ties between academia and industry. The policy highlights emerging domains such as Artificial Intelligence, 3-D machining, big data analysis, and genomics, underscoring their crucial role in creating sustainable solutions for health and the environment.

IIM Kashipur has strategically tailored its programs to align with NEP 2020’s overarching objectives. Access to quality education is a key challenge for the working populace, and IIM Kashipur is at the forefront of utilizing digital technologies to deliver high-quality content to working individuals worldwide. Prof. K. Venkataraghavan, Associate Professor (IT & Systems) and Associate Dean (Admin), explained, “Digital empowerment, achieved through the use of digital technologies for individual capacity building, resonates with NEP’s aim of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education.”

Overcoming the constraints of time and distance, IIM Kashipur employs synchronous learning technologies to provide content to aspiring professionals. The institute has successfully conducted capacity-building programs in online and hybrid formats, addressing areas highlighted by NEP 2020 such as machine learning, big data analytics, supply chain management, financial analytics, and strategy. These programs are thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse needs, offering flexible formats ranging from short-duration courses to comprehensive year-long programs.

Prof. Mayank Sharma, Associate Professor (IT & Systems) at IIM Kashipur, emphasized their commitment to hybrid learning, stating, “Leveraging digital technologies, we deliver Executive MBA programs for working professionals. This approach enhances participation while upholding program rigor, bridging the gap between education and employment.”

Incorporating the essence of NEP 2020, IIM Kashipur integrates emerging technologies into its MBA curriculum. The institute offers MBA and MBA (Analytics) programs, interweaving technical subjects like machine learning, data analytics, and domain-specific courses into the management curriculum.

In line with NEP’s emphasis on entrepreneurship and employability, IIM Kashipur’s graduates enjoy diverse opportunities across industries. The institution’s Centers of Excellence, such as FIED and DIC, further empower budding entrepreneurs, particularly in agribusiness and allied sectors.

IIM Kashipur’s concerted efforts epitomize the spirit of NEP 2020, paving the way for a digitally-empowered and skilled workforce poised to meet the demands of the future.


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