Hiring Opportunities in Rubber Industries

Ms. Shewani Nagpal

Ms. Shewani Nagpal,
Chief Operating Officer
Rubber, Chemical & Petrochemical Skill Development Council

The Indian rubber goods manufacturing industry established in 1921, has grown to occupy being among the largest producer and consumers of natural rubber. It is also one of the largest consumers of natural rubber and synthetic rubber together. Consumption of rubber goods is progressively increasing at a faster rate. With over 4800 rubber goods manufacturing units including large and small scale units, with a turnover of around inc78500 Crores, manufacturing 35000 items of rubber products, employing 450 hundred thousand persons including 25000 technically qualified persons, the Indian Rubber industry plays a core sector role in the Indian National Economy.

The Indian Tyre Industry is doing reasonably well as compared to other rubber goods due to the economy of scales, technology, skilled manpower etc. The compounded annual growth rate is 18% during the last decade.

There are 43 Tyre companies having 58 Tyre plants located all over India. There is an entry of several world majors such as Toyota, Volvo, Yamaha, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Honda during the last decade resulting in big Tyre demand.

Indian automobile industry and a host of global auto-makers are now using India as a production base either directly or through joint ventures. The steady growth in the automobile sector directly reflects on the growth of the Indian rubber industry. India can emerge as the second-largest manufacturer of rubber products world-wise. Due to the rapid growth of the automotive sector and other related segments, opportunities exist across all sectors of the rubber industry. The major job roles being picked up in the Tyre industries in the rubber sector are Extrusion and calendaring, curing, Moulding operator, Assembly operator, Quality assurance and rubber technologist.  There are on average 5000+ openings in the rubber manufacturing units across the country. Salary ranges from 15,000 to 25,000 for operator level and 25,000 to 50,000 for technical job roles in the rubber and for professionals it goes up to 70,000.

The boost to the production of natural rubber came from the rubber board of India, backed by the rubber research institute of India, having over 100 scientists working to improve the yield and quality of rubber production. They are also educating the farmers and encourage them to grow more rubber with high efficiency. With their efforts in this direction, India is having the highest yield of natural rubber per hector.


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