Bar Council of Telangana Chairman, Narasimha Reddy Anantha inaugurates Moot Court at Woxsen University

Narasimha Reddy Anantha, Chairman- Bar Council of Telangana inaugurating Moot Court at Woxsen University

Hyderabad, 7th December, 2023: The Chairman of Bar Council of Telangana, Narasimha Reddy Anantha has inaugurated Moot Court at Woxsen University, located in Kamkole, last week.

The Moot Court, a pivotal asset in the development of future legal professionals, goes beyond simulation. It provides an immersive experience, allowing law students to refine their advocacy skills, research abilities and legal reasoning. Positioned as a platform where theoretical knowledge seamlessly meets practical application, the Moot Court empowers aspiring lawyers to showcase their talents within a realistic courtroom setting.

Following the inauguration, Chairman Narasimha Reddy addressed the Law students and faculty. He said, “Legal industry is challenging yet a rewarding career and every student must develop analytical and problem-solving skills to excel in this industry. This holds so much importance as a profession because it gives us an opportunity to take action on issues of social justice & inequality and bring about positive change in our community.”

Expressing admiration for Woxsen University, Chairman Narasimha Reddy commended its exceptional features, infrastructure and global standards. “I have visited so many universities across India but Woxsen stands out with its unique features, making it the best in terms of area and infrastructure. I will recommend this university to people on behalf of Bar Council of Telangana.”

He further emphasized on the significance of National Law Day during his speech, recognizing it as a day to reflect about the visionary leaders who crafted the constitution. It serves as an opportunity to reflect on the principles enshrined in this remarkable document, principles that form the bedrock of our democratic society and to celebrate the legal fraternity’s role in safeguarding the rights and liberties of every citizen.

Woxsen’s Moot Court, mentored by the top lawyers from various jurisdictions including Australia, US & the UK, offers permanent membership to its students. The mooting proposition is largely based on contemporary issues of global character. Students participating in the moot court competitions receive individual training from experienced mentors and professors. The society also organizes special lectures to prepare students for international and national moot court competitions.

Dr. A Sreelatha, Dean-School of Law, Woxsen University said, “This Moot court is a great addition to Woxsen’s world-class infrastructure. The moot court competitions help students gain skills in both written and oral advocacy by engaging them in legal analysis. They will be able to understand legal issues from various perspectives and get a chance to network, work in teams & learn from their peers.”


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