AICTE launches Placement Portal to Empower Rural and Tribal Youth

AICTE Chairman T G Sitharam Highlights the Platform's Role in Bridging Employment Gaps

AICTE Placement Portal

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has introduced the ‘AICTE Placement Portal,’ specifically tailored to cater to students of rural and tribal areas as a significant move towards fostering equal job opportunities. This initiative, launched virtually on YouTube with the participation of over 600 AICTE institutions and industry partners, aims to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers in remote regions.

AICTE Chairman TG Sitharam expressed his enthusiasm for the portal, emphasizing its role in connecting job seekers with potential employment opportunities. He said, “Our villages and educational institutions are brimming with untapped talent, and this portal will serve as the vital link connecting this talent pool with multinational companies.” However, Sitharam assured students of user-friendly access, with AICTE’s helpline readily available for assistance.

Buddha Chandrasekhar, the coordinating officer, mentioned the portal’s extensive reach, encompassing over 6,00,000 villages and tribal regions. To overcome language barriers, the platform has been made accessible in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity for all.

The launch witnessed participation from industry giants such as Salesforce, Service Now, Phytec, Medini, and IDS, who lauded the initiative’s potential. Already, more than 2,000 companies spanning various sectors have partnered with the portal. With job listings, career advice, networking tools, and resources for employers, the portal offers a comprehensive solution for rural students, even those with limited internet access.

The AICTE Placement Portal represents a transformative step towards a more equitable and inclusive economy. By empowering rural and tribal youth with access to job opportunities and essential tools for success, the platform is set to create a positive impact, ensuring that no talent goes unnoticed in the pursuit of employment.

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