Everyone’s Smart University Holding Group Soars to Four Billion Saudi Riyals Valuation, Eyes Global Expansion

Everyone's Smart University Holding Group

Everyone’s Smart University Holding Group has achieved a new milestone reaching a valuation of 4 billion Saudi riyals. This success is attributed to the group’s careful efforts to adapt to the changing needs of the financial markets.

To evaluate its digital and financial assets, the group enlisted the services of Estidama Company. The comprehensive assessment conducted by the company determined the substantial value of the investment group at four billion Saudi riyals, considering factors such as financial performance and real profits.

Everyone's Smart University Expressing gratitude to all partners, Counsellor Nasser bin Ibrahim AlMohaimed, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, assured a dedicated pursuit of their aspirations for both international and local expansion. He underscored the commitment to improving the quality of outputs from affiliated entities, with the goal of achieving advanced results in international classifications.

In addition to the financial achievement, the group has taken a proactive step by formally requesting approval from Saudi Arabian authorities to establish a branch of one of its universities. This strategic move aligns with the group’s international expansion strategy, aiming not only to contribute to the spread of science and knowledge but also to enhance the group’s global presence.

As Everyone’s Smart University Holding Group celebrates this notable financial success, it stands ready for further growth and impact on the academic landscape, both within the country and internationally. The group’s commitment to quality and expansion reflects its dedication to making a meaningful contribution to education and global knowledge dissemination.


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