Woxsen University Organizes International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Processing (AIKP’21)

Woxsen University

The School of Business, Woxsen University organized a one-day International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Processing (AIKP’21) on 24th April 2021. AI has an enormous impact on various automation industries and their functioning converts traditional industries to AI-based factories. New algorithms are changing the way business processes and results are analyzed. Hence, a brainstorming and knowledge-sharing platform to further discuss future developments is essential. The present conference is an initiation by Woxsen University to gather and share knowledge among eminent scholars and practitioners. This Virtual conference has created a platform for many AI and ML experts/scholars to showcase their research work. Prof. Amit Bhadra, Vice-Chancellor, addressed the audience. He congratulated all the participants and faculty for the wonderful Initiative. He also emphasized on how Woxsen’s Futuristic Vision helps bring such unconventional Industry exposure to all the students and faculty.

Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez, Dean School of Business, Woxsen University, addressed the speakers and audience, applauded them for their efforts, especially the speakers for their extra-efforts to join us, in spite of the international time differences

Enrique Serrano Aparicio, Founder and CEO of Hackrock from Spain, presented the rising issues in cybersecurity and the need for different applications to curb rising cybercrimes. He emphasized the use of artificial intelligence and how the incorporation of such innovative methods can help avoid hacking.

Prof. Anil Kumar Vuppala, Associate Professor from IIIT Hyderabad explained about applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for speech recognitions. He also explained the need of deep learning techniques

Johan Steyn, Senior Manager, IQ Business from South Africa emphasized on what are the key components of Artificial Intelligence that are considered before implementing AI in a business operation. He also discussed about the basic questions to be raised about why AI should be a part of business strategy. He has also focused on the overall ecosystem of AI for business.

Another aspect of this conference was many research papers received were technical in nature exhibiting the Machine Learning techniques and algorithms on disease detection, alert systems, video image identification, Motor Fault Diagnosis, Consignment Delivery prediction and Fake News detection.

All together the conference saw active participation of 160+ participants. The conference concluded with a vote of thanks to the participants, speakers and Mr. Veen K. Pula,-Chancellor, Prof. Amit Bhadra-Vice Chancellor, Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez- Dean and Convener, Dr. Samala Nagaraj- Co-Convener, Dr. K Hemachandran- Co-Convener, Dr. P. Swami Sairam- Co-Convener, organizing committee, technical committee members of the conference and to the faculty, students and staff of Woxsen University.

About Woxsen University: Woxsen’s legacy in higher education, built diligently over the last 6 years, led to the grand vision & inception of Woxsen University, one of the first private universities of the young state of Telangana. Woxsen’s meticulously planned efforts has helped achieve milestones in a short span of time and fuelled accomplishments visible in our national rankings, global partnerships & alumni success.

Woxsen University is Ranked 4th Top Private University & stands at an impressive All India Rank 14 in Top 100 B-Schools, courtesy 2021 Times B-School Ranking. It is also conferred with Rank 4 Top B-school in South Region and All India Top 16th Private B-School by Business World.


Formed by 4 constituent schools – Woxsen School of Business, Woxsen Schoo

l of Technology, Woxsen School of Arts & Design and Woxsen School of Architecture & Planning, the University offers Undergraduate & Postgraduate programs pivoted around research & experiential learning.


Contact: conference.wsb@woxsen.edu.in


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