Woxsen University expands its portfolio of Chair Professorships with new Labs & Competitions


Hyderabad, 24th November, 2022: Woxsen University through its Honoured Chair Professorships has released a set of global initiatives in the form of competitions and hackathons such as James Stoner Sustainability competition. These competitions are either case-study based, project-based or presentation-based and are open to students from various universities across India. While rebranding and expanding its existing labs and academic infrastructure, these competitions will develop a larger connect between Ivy League best practices and Woxsen University.

James Stoner Sustainability competition held at Woxsen University was based on the theme – What are the key drivers for successful realization of sustainability? The competition witnessed a huge participation from students across the Schools of Business, Design & Technology. Students divided into a team of four have presented their posters to Chief Guest – Carlos Scheel from EGADE Business School, Mexico.

The poster presentation unravelled a diverse milieu of ideas from students. The three teams that had won the competition presented posters on Electronic Waste Disposal, Recycling Plastic Bottles & Sustainable Education. Other themes ranged from Cultural sustainability, Reconsidering new purchases- Woxsen Thrift Shop, Carbon Emission to Poverty Reduction and more.

The expertise and guidance that students gather from these competitions will equip them with industry-relevant skillset and make them future-ready. Professor Carlos appreciated the thought process and enthusiasm of the students. He also encouraged them to be mindful of the impact of their initiatives and offered remote support. Prof. James Stoner also marked his online presence in the inauguration by sending a short video.

Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez, Vice President, says “The initiatives have helped our learner community develop a larger understanding of global standards and industry requirements.”

Some of the other Labs & Competitions that Woxsen University established on Chair Professorships include:

  1. Valarie Zeithmal Professor of Services Marketing – Valarie Zeithmal Services Marketing Competition
  2. Prasad Padmanabhan Professor of International Finance – Prasad Padmanabhan Finance Studio & Padmanabhan Financial Inclusion Competition
  3. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita Professor of Behavioural Public Policy – Bruce Bueno de Mesquita Political Science Essay Competition
  4. David Scott Kastan Professor of English Literature – David Scott Kastan Literary Competition
  5. James A.F. Stoner Professor of Global Sustainability – James Stoner Sustainability Competition
  6. David Hirshleifer Chair Professor of Behavioural and Social Finance – David Hirshleifer Behavioural Finance Lab
  7. Catherine Harper Chair Professor of Design – Catherine Harper Fashion Textile Lab
  8. Margaret L. Bishop Professor of Strategic Design and Management – Margaret L. Bishop Studio Garment Construction & Fashion Design


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