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Dr. B B Das

It was the dream of every Indian to see the country clean and beautiful like any other developing countries. But no serious efforts were made in past to fulfil this national aspiration. Modiji is the first Prime Minister (PM) who took bold steps to tackle this long impending ambition. He knew that no individual or single group or even government alone achieve this goal; therefore he made it a national drive to overcome the age old habits of people and to bring in the change in their behaviour.

Change is always resisted particularly when the attempt is made to correct the overall national conduct. Initially, PM was under criticism. But his deliberate approach swiped all obstacles and paved way to his multi activities Swachh Bharat project. It ignited enthusiasm of people throughout the country and inspired them to contribute their innovative idea and efforts for achieving this noble objective.

Once change is defined and decided, the drive has to be rigorous and sustainable till the aim is achieved. He evoked a national spirit by connecting the entire population at different levels of their involvement to implement his strategy.

A new Jagruti (awareness) spread throughout the country. Millions got motivated for voluntary participation and contributed efforts to strengthen government’s action plan. Now every Indian has acknowledged it as his/her personal responsibility to keep the country neat and clean.

No transformation can be achieved overnight. It is a continuous slow process to bring in individual as well as collective attitudinal change. Moreover, a beginning has been made with deterministic approach. It may take time, but no doubt, the end result is visible across the horizon. Also to accelerate the change process, intervention from time to time is very essential. The decision to ban single-use plastics is another positive step towards expediting Swachhata mission.

For attaining cleanliness, the concern for environment is to be provoked in every ones conscious mind. When people start adopting environment; their attitude, interest, practice and approaches will be guided in positive way. Then at every stage of human endeavour the change will be visible. Thus our golden dream of a beautiful country can be realised. Things are moving progressively through peoples’ spontaneous participation. The days are not far for people to live happily with dignity and pride.

Swachhata is not a new philosophy for us. From time immemorial, it is inbuilt in our national culture, religious thinking and reflected in our ritual practices as well. But over the years we forgot to maintain cleanliness due to many reasons. Now after 70 years of independence, this should no longer remain as a standing national issue. Our progress towards becoming a developing country should not be jeopardised for want of our attitudinal change.

Swachhatais linked with several benefits; pollution control through the hygienic and clean environment, health improvement, reduction in healthcare expenses, and enhancement of national physical as well as mental strength. Moreover, people from world over would love to visit our country. This on-going process can build individual and group awareness to maintain cleanliness at all times. Very soon, the country is going to become the most apposite place to live in.

Besides, we can leave behind a clean and beautiful world for our next generations to prosper.

Let us collectively join the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (movement) to write a success story in our recent history. This will eventually prove to be aVaradaan (boon) for the country.


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