Upgrading Academic Syllabus

What key factors set ACHARYA SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT apart from other B- SCHOOL?

At Acharya School of Management our aim is to develop leaders and entrepreneurs who would be equipped with the capabilities and attitudes that are most relevant to the needs of the new global world. ASM intend to make a positive impact on business and society. Our curriculum is comprehensive and our pedagogy innovative. We have build academic rigour, professional training and personal development into our program, We focus on ethical awareness, encourage creative thinking and we welcome social entrepreneurship.

How exactly does industry integration play out through a student’s education?

Besides the traditional specializations in Marketing, Finance and HR, ASM offers students the opportunity to build careers in new areas like:

  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • International Business Management
  • Capital markets and Financial Services

We also believe in developing and encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship and in providing incubation support to students if they wish to establish their own business. A student to decide to be a job-seeker or a job-provider, ASM is the right place to chase their dream to become an entrepreneur. PGDM students get additional courses and external certifications during 2 years program. Some of these certificates are Business English certification (BEC) , Digital Marketing Certification, NSE Certification in Financial Markets etc.

Which foreign universities have tied up with ASM and what role do these tie-ups play?

There are few foreign universities have tied up with ASM, some of the universities are, Carleton University Canada, Trinity Western University Canada, Old Dominion University USA , Massey University New Zealand, Sheffield Hallam University, UK, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Lubeck University Germany, Illinois Institutes of Technology Chicago, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Rockford USA, Harrisburg University PA, USA, National University of Singapore (NUS) Northumbria University, UK. Students of ASM PGDM program are participating almost 4 weeks foreign study program, where the students are spending this duration in an institution abroad, doing course work as part of their PGDM program. This foreign study program helps to attract good companies to recruit PGDM students. Apart from foreign program, ASM students undergo continuous training in various aspects like soft skills, managerial Behaviour, Aptitude Training productivity skills etc that would give then a unique advantage over the others. This training is a part of regular schedule and will be spread over 6 terms.

Do all these measures add up when it comes to corporate placements?

At ASM the training provided to the students and network of ASM makes placement smooth affair, ASM alumni are very well placed and they are helping during placement, some of them are entrepreneurs also.

What is your vision for ASM and Indian higher education?

The Vision of ASM is inspirational and innovative, ASM committed to the course of value- based education in a management disciplines, envisions itself as a fountainhead of innovative human enterprise, with inspirational initiatives for academic excellence. Looking at India as a globally dominant economy, with a high quality higher education sector that fulfils the need of society, a Business-School like ASM caters the need of many business aspirants. We required to getting away from current constraints and looking a new way at what we could be in future. Focusing more on the genius and capability of our people with our traditional culture and meeting our future as a global leader.

Being a leader in education industry, what would you suggest the policy makers of this country to improve the pedagogy in higher education in India?

Being a leader in education industry, I feel that country is more focusing on graduation rate , policymakers of India are ignoring signs that what students are learning in college, which continuously declining . The reasons for concern are that Employers complain that many graduates they hire are lacking in basic skills.Most of the students needed to increase educational ability levels when they come to campus recruitments, are poorly prepared . Upgrading academic syllabus is one of the factors which most of the universities are ignoring and not in practice, industry is moving fast and there is huge gap between industry requirement and prescribed syllabus. Instead of getting only academic degree with high marks is not enough,students need to get training which can make them employable, only then efficiency of workplace will increase.


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