Traditional education system should be transformed into intervention research and learning ecosystem

Arpit Chadha
Vice Chairman
ITS-The Education Group 

  1. Being an edupreneur, what have been the primary challenges with you to build an academic excellence campus?

Designing and delivering skill- oriented programs which arerelevant for industry and society in near future, is the biggest challenge. With 100% FDI in education sector, one has to continuously innovate and upgrade the quality of education to compete with global universities. Students rather say, informed learners these days are the most disruptive element of education industry. They know what they want to learn, have different learning styles and relate to digital/social era very well. Classroom learning has become just one part so continuously exploring contemporary ways of learning and creating those customized learning experience are the new challenging areas. Deploying the latest instructional and operational technology is also the need of hour to build an academic excellence campus. As it is a non –profit sector, investment in future oriented educational tools many times also becomes a challenge.

  1. How well is this adopted by the student community?

Students welcome all those changes whole heartedly which take them close to the real world expectations. We at I.T.S believe in shaping the dream of each and every student. We are in continuous process of pedagogical innovations & technology integrations to deliver best curriculum to our students. We are collaborating with foreign universities and industry to develop and deliver skill oriented programs. We run holistic programs to groom our students by organizing multi-cultural immersion tours, business seminars, panel discussion, sports activities, cultural activities, alumni talks, industry projects, celebrity nights etc.

  1. What is the role of an edupreneur in bringing a 360 degree change in how education is perceived? 

Education calls for much deeper learning and rich infusion of technology these days.  Active engaging platforms are needed for students to help them explore the future in their own way. Traditional education system has to be transformed to an entirely different Learning ecosystem. There is no room for change in the traditional system now because industry is already disrupted so it has to be rethink and re-design to suit the modern learner requirement. Being an edupreneur, we have to leverage the available opportunities/technology to reimagine education landscape and create more value for all stakeholders while keeping the costs of the effort to a minimum so more and more students can come onboard and upgrade themselves with latest skills and knowledge.

  1. How are educational institutions reacting to this change? 

All of us know that World is changing very fast and it is changing really fast outside the campus as compared to inside the campus.We see the future as a world where the skilled individual will define the way and drive business value. So, in preparation forward looking educational institutions like I.T.S are in incessant process of improving curriculum, building alliances with industry and global universities, upgrading infrastructure and leveraging technology to continuously enhance our student capability and deliver engaging & useful learning experience to them. A continuous desire for academic excellence & unwavering focus on student success, drives us to explore more in this changed landscape. This process help us to come out with pedagogical innovations which help us in differentiating ourselves from other B-schools and thus building up our unique identity as a Top Business School.


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