The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is selling much better than expected

The Galaxy S20 line’s slow start is hardly a secret at this point, but things aren’t all that grim for Samsung’s latest Android flagships.

Namely, it appears one member of the new product range is actually exceeding sales expectations. Making matters even more intriguing, that feat was managed by the most expensive model, the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Are Samsung’s customers concerned with value?

Sources close to one of Samsung’s imaging hardware suppliers, MCNEX, are now claiming the South Korean company is ramping up production of the 40-megapixel (front) and 12-megapixel camera (ultra-wide) modules used by the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Naturally, the main implication of the development is that the move was prompted by higher-than-expected sales of the device.

Further illustrating that dominant performance is the claim that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is responsible for over half of all series sales Samsung made so far. That’s a pretty significant achievement given the current global market instability, not to mention the $1,400 price tag attached to the base variant of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

While all of that could suggest Samsung’s customers aren’t nearly as concerned with value as some industry watchers believe, it could also mean the exact opposite. Let’s not forget Samsung introduced some uncharacteristically aggressive promotions in response to the Galaxy S20 series’ slow start, including an unprecedented 50% buyback guarantee.

Combined with a variety of financing options, as well as the ongoing Samsung Upgrade program, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on the Galaxy S20 Ultra right now without breaking the bank. And while the same goes for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+, at least some prospective buyers surely decide to go for the very best option given how they aren’t to required to pay the full price upfront.

Be that as it may, the Galaxy S20 range still isn’t expected to outsell its direct predecessors, given the current state of the world.



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