Success happens when diverse views join hands

Arvind Passey
06 May 2019

Startups go way beyond just motivational quotes. This is because ideas come far more easily than the slog of transforming them into a successful business model. The cover story on startups in this issue focusses on what successful entrepreneurs have done to transcend the confusion that surrounds issues like the best time to launch a startup or how to overcome failures. The secrets cannot obviously be encapsulated into one article because from the science of identifying the right idea to the art of hiring the right people, any startup needs to fight a continuous battle with the dynamics of changing needs and wants of consumers.

Besides ideas, funding, people, market dynamics, and the constant threat of newer concepts that constantly make a dash for survival, what matters is belief in the long-term validity of the path chosen and the way technology is harnessed. Statistics have shown that 69% of entrepreneurs in the US start their businesses at home but the speed at which they get popular and sustainable depends entirely on the way new technology is harnessed. An article published last year in Economic Times hails India as a startup hub with enormous growth opportunities with the major challenge being the speed at which a company wishes to transform itself and become really big. Among the key drivers of success were the ability to harness technology, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT. Look at the way startups like Oyo, Ola, Swiggy, Zomato, and Byju’s have expanded in these past months and you’ll know why getting more than just familiar with technology is vital. This is the reason why we decided to carry a series of articles on podcasts as they are fast becoming a major way in promoting the interests of companies.

Coming issues will certainly be talking about all forms of emerging technologies mentioned the last paragraph.

Each forthcoming issue is going to bring to our readers the benefits of trends that become stronger and want to stay longer to benefit the spirit of entrepreneurship. There will be articles even on subjects that have the best employability ratio in today’s world that wastes no time in adopting and adapting facets that positively affect performance.

We are living in times where a 360 degree approach in thinking does wonders and so there will be articles that bring to you insights from travel, environment, wildlife, health, and many other areas that may appear like a distraction at first. However, let me add here that when it comes to education, nothing is really a distraction. We are living in times when even a whisky brand like Glenfiddich will willingly go ahead to promote the cause of art without being distracted from its primary aim of giving the world one of the best single malts. I remember Aircel supporting the campaign.

  • Shiv Shankar


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