Students of Woxsen University Launch DISHA at Global Impact Summit 2022

Grand Launch of Disha at Global Impact Summit 2022
Grand Launch of Disha at Global Impact Summit 2022

Woxsen University’s next-generation creators and innovators collaborated to create DISHA, a robot that was successfully launched at the Global Impact Summit 2022.

DISHA, which stands for ‘Discrete Interactive Smart & Heterogeneous Agent,’ includes a camera for live streaming, motion sensors with a head tracking feature, and a programmed voice system to assist the user while interacting. It also consists of a 7-inch display for visual assistance and a base with three Gear DC Motors that allows it to move smoothly with the help of a joystick”, says Manjith Reddy, B.Tech – Data Science & AI (2020-24).

“DISHA includes 2 core modules i.e., functionalities in terms of technical aspects from the School of Technology and culminating interactive product design from the School of Arts & Design”, says Dr. Kiran Ravulakollu – Dean, School of Technology, Woxsen University.

In terms of user convenience, Rohan B Chandy, B.Des – Product Design (2019-23) said, “We worked to derive a functional form that is user-friendly, with an emphasis on ergonomics. We attempted to give it a futuristic feel by bringing the future into the present.”


The team behind DISHA is an eclectic mix of B.Tech and B.Des mentored by faculty and lab technicians.

  • Manjith Reddy – B.Tech – Data Science & AI (2020-24)
  • Rohan Chandy – B.Des – Product Design (2019-23)
  • Paresh Mistry – B.Des – Product Design (2019-23)


  • Dr. Kiran Ravulakollu – Dean, School of Technology
  • Dr. P. Swami Sairam – Chair – Research (CMR) & Assistant Professor, School of Business
  • Prof. Surya Teja Bachu – Assistant Professor, School of Arts & Design

The project was funded by WoU SEED Research Grant, initiated by the R&D Department of Woxsen University and implemented by the School of Technology and School of Arts & Design.

Woxsen University fosters innovative ideas with cutting-edge infrastructure and technology. The AI & Robotics lab is outfitted with the most recent GPUs from NVIDIA, IMCA, and rum complex algorithms built on NLP, Keras, and Tensor flows. The Design & Tech labs are built with state-of-the-art research facilities to promote applied learning that encourages students to explore and create, with the goal of providing a creative environment for experimentation.

About Woxsen

Woxsen University, located in Hyderabad, is one of the first private universities of the state of Telangana. Renowned for its 200-acre state-of-the-art campus and infrastructure, Woxsen University provides new-age, disruptive programs in the fields of Business, Technology, Arts & Design, Architecture, Liberal Arts & Humanities. With 70+ Global Partner Universities and Strong Industry Connect, Woxsen is reckoned as one of the top universities for Academic Excellence and Global Edge.

  • Rank #2, All India Top Pvt. Design School, IIRF 2021



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