Scientists Reveal That They’ve Finally Found the Deepest Point on Earth Under Antarctica

Scientists have revealed the latest topographical map of Antarctica, which has been Scientists Reveal That They've Finally Found the Deepest Point on Earth Under Antarcticadeveloped by the BedMachine project, reported the Mashable. BedMachine is a new map of the Antarctic  ice sheet believed to be of high precision.

University of California, Irvene, on its official Twitter handle said, “A team of UCI #glaciologists has unveiled the most accurate portrait yet of the contours of the land beneath Antarctica’s ice sheet: New findings will help scientists predict climate change impact on frozen continent.”

The researchers have now found the deepest point on continental Earth. The lowest exposed point on land is located at the Dead Sea shore which is 413 meters below sea level, while the lowest point on land is about 3500 meters below sea-level. However, the world’s deepest canyon on land was found beneath Denman Glacier in East Antarctica.

As per the previous studies canyon was believed to be shallow, but the new study has uncovered its real depth. Scientists came to know the depth of the hidden canyon by calculating the amount of ice that filled it and the law of conservation of mass.

“Ultimately, BedMachine Antarctica presents a mixed picture: Ice streams in some areas are relatively well-protected by their underlying ground features, while others on retrograde beds are shown to be more at risk from potential marine ice sheet instability,” said Mathieu Morlighem of the California university, the report added.


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