Samsung is all Set for 5G Rollout in India

With India readying itself for 5G rollout, South Korean tech giant Samsung on Monday said providing secure network is the priority for them, expressing hope of working with various telecom operators to soon launch the fifth-generation cellular network technology in the country.

Samsung can expect to get a big opportunity in the Indian market to improve its 5G presence. Samsung said it would be launching 5G in India once telecom operators are ready to work with the company.

“The company is working over the past 10 years on development of the 5G and the main focus is on how to provide secure and efficient network and for the same we are working with different carriers, network providers of various countries across the world,” June Hee Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Team, Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has 5G network in US as well as in South Korea in both the millimeter wave and the sub-six-GHz spectrum.

The company launched the world’s first 5G smartphone, the Galaxy S10 5G, in early April and has promoted its 5G solutions that can be used in a host of new businesses, including self-driving vehicles, smart factories, and Internet of Things.

“The price of a device depends upon the price of components, there are various reasons behind the pricing of 5G devices. The firm is focused on rolling out 5G right now and in future, we would work for the availability of the quality product in the market with the advancement of technology,” informed Lee.

5G is considered to be the fifth-generation cellular network technology, that can enhance speeds up to 20 times faster than your current 4G LTE cell phone and has latency as little as one millisecond.

“The availability of 5G is focused on two main principles — the first one is the amount of data and the second one is the speed. Therefore, it becomes very important to provide both of them in a proper manner,” Lee added.

With speeds up to roughly 20 times faster than 4G networks, consumers on a 5G network can download a full season of a TV show in minutes, play graphics-rich cloud games, stream 4K video with virtually no lag and enjoy enhanced virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Also, 5G will unite more than one million devices per square km, bringing about a great change in consumers life, communication medium, and their work by connecting not only smartphones but vehicles, factories, offices, and cities as well.


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