Braj Kishor Gupta


You are both a designer piece and the Designer’s piece. You came only on demand. Your worth lies in being aware of this unique fact! You can take a legitimate pride in being who you are and where you are. Your life is pre-ordained to fulfil certain lofty ideals and coveted goals. No one can ever toss you up, nor can your presence be glossed over. You are cut out for a distinct role in life and not just for dancing to the tune of others.
The challenge that you have is to rise first in your own eyes and that is the best thing that can ever happen in anyone’s life. This is the sign of having high self-esteem, without which modern life is going haywire. That sense of pride must be visible in the eyes, irrespective of what society has to say about you. This will be possible when you find out what makes your heart tick. That would truly enhance your belief system as well as the intrinsic worth of your life. Discover your calling and innate potential first, and you will find yourself living at the most opportune time in the history of human race.


As a privileged member of society, you can design your tomorrow only today. Let your confidence add to the Nation’s Confidence. You are the co-creator of new destiny. No experience can be ultimate for you; you must redefine your experience before it can define your life. It is time for you not to be basking in the past glory but to explore the possibilities of the present. Can you see the opportunities that lie beyond the stumbling blocks? That is the road ahead! As a bud is destined to blossom, so are you my young friend! So says, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam in his beautiful book ‘You Are Born to Blossom’ The budding minds of this vast country would do well just by paying heed to the wise counsel of Goethe

‘To have more, you must first be more’

When you aspire to have more and become better and brighter in life, you will naturally ‘Rise in Your Eyes’.
The writer is a leading Educationist and a Global Keynote Speaker. He is the Chief Mentor at GiantStep, Bangalore. bkgupta@giantstep.in


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