Today, There Are Both Realistic & Unrealistic Demands of Life: Dr. Shahid Trali

Dr. Shahid Amin Trali , ITM University

Our younger generations must highly develop the skill of patience.  By losing our patience occasionally or frequently or inappropriately can harm our reputation and damage our relationships.

It’s time to look forward and work toward a promising future. Our younger generations especially do need to perform a bigger role and responsibilities. They must always stay positive and optimistic about their future.  It is not easy to maintain confidence for them, because it can be crushed at any moment. But they need to work hard on improving their self-confidence if they want to be the leaders that everyone looks up to. With confidence, they will be able to achieve flow, the magical feeling and be able to achieve their goals easily. They need to be conscientious as it is often linked to success and productivity. They must try to be consistent and punctual, being more organized and thoughtful of others.

Dr. Shahid Amin TraliThe benefits of technology cannot be denied but its usage beyond limits can also lead us towards a disaster. Technology affects our growth and development when there is its usage without limits. Some of the serious issues that are being witnessed now are communication issues, unresponsiveness, behavioral problems, and addiction, sleep disturbances, eye problems etc. There should be higher motivations for outdoor games. Play is an important source of relaxation and it can make our younger generations more creative and productive.

There are immense benefits of volunteering. It creates social gain which leads to more interaction, engagement, and trust which all significantly impact a person’s mental health. Our youth should never think that they are too small to contribute. What matters is the contribution be it a small or a big one. Let our younger generations be given the values to be part of social initiatives.

Today there are realistic as well as unrealistic demands of life. It has increased the stress level of humans. Our younger generations must highly develop the skill of patience. By losing our patience occasionally or frequently or inappropriately can harm our reputation and damage our relationships. It can even increase stress or escalate a difficult situation. One must challenge his/her negative assumptions, instead of letting their impatience build. They must aim to reframe the circumstances in a more positive light. It is a tough skill to master but patience is really a virtue. We must keep in mind that patience wins in an impatient world.

Meditation can also help us effectively and it can improve moods and reduce the stress. It can also lessen anxiety even increase decision-making abilities and self-control. Meditation can also help students perform better academically and can be incredibly beneficial in many aspects of children’s lives.

Spending time in nature can produce wonders. We must not forget that caring for and preserving nature is in everyone’s hands, in our attitudes and behaviors.  We should not expect care and protection only by the government and the large companies towards our nature. We all have a responsibility to participate in nature conservation. We should also resolve to spend more time with nature rather than sitting dull inside the offices and the houses. We must teach our younger generations how to value, promote and protect the nature.


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