Microsoft has teased Windows 1.0 from 1985 for Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’

As part of a mystery tie-in with a Netflix show “Stranger Things”, software giant Microsoft has been teasing a nostalgic throwback to 1985, 33 years ago when Windows 1.0 debuted.

“The software company began cryptically teasing Windows 1.0 from earlier this month and the latest tease on the Windows handle confirms that it’s indeed a Netflix / ‘Stranger Things’ tie-in, one that we should expect to come to fruition on July 8,” The Verge reported on Friday.

“Before we move forward, are you sure you’re ready to go know where? .— ..- .-.. -.– / —.. ,” Windows tweeted with a Morse code.

Twitter users were quick to decode the Morse code and expressed their excitement in the comments section.

“Oh my, this takes me back to being a kid learning about Morse code. Super cool! I can’t wait! Love ‘Stranger Things’,” a user commented.

However, since the new season of ‘Stranger Things’ does not feature any Microsoft or Windows product, people are still confused if there is something else they should be waiting for.

“What’s odd is that there is not a single scene in ‘Stranger Things’ that features or mentions Windows 1.0. Not even in the background, as far as I saw anyway. Why do a product tie-in without the product? A sponsored minisode (or something) on July 8th, maybe?” wrote a user.

People seem to be waiting eagerly now to see what happens on July 8.

“OMG! What is going to happen next? What is even happening? I can’t wait. But I have to. OMG why?” a tweet read.


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