Edition: June 2019


Terrorism is a monologue in a subverted mind
Terrorism, however, isn’t always about killing people. If this were the case, the causes of death in 2010 can be an eye-opener. According to an Oxfam study, as compared to 13,186 deaths dues to terrorism…

Editor’s Note : The paradox of being a common man

The month of May this year has been over-flowing with bold strokes and brilliant strikes.…

Leadership and Pedagogy: A Challenge in Indian Higher Education System

THE CONTEXT: Indian Higher Education has come a long way. From being a leader..

Interview : Anil Swarup

Tempted to begin by asking if writing a book is now a trend for all civil…

Interview : Mr Shiv Khera

Your Wikipedia page mentions that you ‘worked as a car washer…

Interview : Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi

The nation loves to believe that most teachers today love their notes more…

Nature Trends : Plants As Weapons

Soviet agents are said to have used a ricin poison pellet to kill Georgi Markov a Bulgarian writer and columnist..

Smart Trends : A terrorist called ‘compulsory’ in education

Does imparting education mean filling a mind with knowledge? Or is it just about invoking curiosity to elucidate and clarify concepts..

Future Trends : How To Start Your Own Podcast

As most of you are now aware about podcast, its history and its benefits. How to start podcasting and use it to grow…

Insight In Sight : Happiness Pervades on Reaching the ‘Ultimate’

When results of the education board examinations are declared, not only are the toppers at cloud nine but also the parents, teachers, school, the coaching centres and the examination board too…

The Lost world/Wild Life : Poaching is a terror unleashed on wildlife

Poaching isn’t a word that exists only in political parlance around the world. Employees can be poached by corporates…

Career ConversationPreparing for Job Interviews

Know about the Job: It’s extremely important that you know all dimensions of the job well for which you are being interviewed…



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