Industrial Visit of RCPSDC officials to Rubber and Plastic Industry

Industrial Visit of RCPSDC

New Delhi/Gurgaon: As a Sector Skill Council, it is imperative for us to understand the manufacturing processes of an industry and its various job roles, in order to provide the right skilling and training to people. Recently, new officials of RCPSDC visited Cosmo Auto Tech Pvt Ltd. and Suman Auto Parts Ltd located at Manesar, Gurgaon for a better understanding of the Rubber and Plastic Industries.

Cosmos AutotechCosmo Auto Tech Pvt Ltd is a part of an industry that manufactures automobile parts and various electronic items and the processed parts are further consumed by large-scale automobile companies. Suman Auto Parts Ltd deals in the manufacturing of various auto parts and accessories for 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler vehicles that are further gripped by companies like Honda, Maruti etc.

The objective behind this industrial visit is to acquire in-depth practical knowledge of the various job roles and manufacturing processes of Rubber and Plastic Industries. At Suman Auto Parts, the officials witnessed the manufacturing processes of plastic switchgear and also witnessed the training at DOJO Room. It is a training room wherein the apprentices are trained for three consecutive days about their job roles, including proper use of PPE, safety rules, housekeeping rules and all the other minute details specific to the job role.

These companies were also honored by RCPSDC for participating in the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme and for opening their shop floor for the training. Under this program, the company trains the apprentices for the job role for a certain period of time and further certifies them, making them eligible to work. In total, 11 and 9 apprentices were trained at Cosmo Auto Tech and Suman Auto Parts Ltd.

The visit enhanced the knowledge of the officials in the Rubber and Plastic sector by witnessing the manufacturing processes along with awareness of various job roles, tools & equipment. It made them understand the huge impact skilling and reskilling can make on the lives of people. It also helped in identifying the areas where transformation and improvement can go a long way ahead.


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