Technology Will Disrupt Management Education

Prof. Himadri Das, Director General, IMI – New Delhi

Prof. Himadri Das
Director General, IMI – New Delhi

QTell us about the impact of the new education policy 2020 on higher education as well as on the placements of students in the corporate sector.

NEP will have no immediate impact but there is a longer-term impact in terms of growth and consolidation of higher education institutions

For a Business School like ours there is absolutely no impact in placement of our students in the corporate sector. Recruiters are not bothered about NEP, they want good quality talent with contemporary relevant competencies plus an ability to continuously unlearn and relearn.


Will there be any changes in the admission criteria for IMI after the new policy?

Any changes that may happen will not be because of NEP. Changes may be considered to get more well-rounded students as is the trend with other top Business Schools in the country, where entrance test scores may be one of multiple criteria for shortlisting students and not the only criterion.


How do you make use of your experience as an administrative head of a number of institutes at different levels?

Every role in every institute has been a tremendous learning experience where I have been pushed out of my comfort zone. This has been very helpful as I am able to apply these learnings to the current role I am in.


You joined IMI for a second stint in 2018. How has the institute grown over the years and what is your vision for further advancement in different spheres?

In the last three years, the institute has increased its focus on research, in addition to still ensuring that top-quality learning outcomes for students continues. Industry and alumni engagement has increased. Curriculum has been revised to bring in contemporary competencies such as analytics and digital marketing. Technology is being used in the pedagogy to make learning more efficient and effective.International-Management-Institute-Delhi-Campus

My goal is to make the institute among the most sought after by recruiters for the high quality and relevant skill set among the student pool they have access to, by students for high quality contemporary learning outcomes that are the foundation of an excellent career by faculty for a very enabling research culture with a support structure to help them publish in top quality international peer reviewed journals


Having studied as well as taught at international institutes, what measures stuck you as being the most beneficial for students there?

The very sharp focus on assuring learning outcomes for students has been very striking for me. The focus is not to just teach well and leave the learning to the students but to focus on ensuring the students have actually learned what was intended for them to learn.


What are your most memorable learnings from your years in the corporate sector?

Working on stiff targets and working under immense pressure. Additionally the culture of innovation and trying out new things without the fear of failure.


The technology sector has got a boost during the pandemic as all sectors, including education, have adoption digital transformation. What future trend do you see for the technology sector in India?

The technology sector will be the fastest-growing sector in India and the world. Covid has accelerated what was already a fast paced growth. Technology will disrupt education, particularly higher education and more so management education. People will want meaningful learning interventions at regular intervals while working and not rely on a two year MBA to give them skills that will last their entire working career. The regular learning interventions while working will be delivered on a technology platform. Even the MBA learning outcomes are likely to be delivered in a blended mode, with theory and concepts being delivered through technology and applications and problem-solving in the classroom. We are likely to witness technology-enabled models in management education that we have never seen before, very exciting times ahead.


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