Regular Training Programmes should be Organized to Make Students Compatible with Requirements of Industry 4.0.

Prof. (Dr.) Karunesh Saxena, Vice-Chancellor, Sangam University

QTell us about the RISE theory for the development of the University and how it will help towards the creation of a center of excellence.

An envisaged vision status of the University, we always strive to offer quality education in different academic fields. In order to streamline and standardize our processes we have obtained good grade from NAAC Bangalore. We wish to create Sangam University as educational hub for Management, Humanities, Science and Technology and also in the frontier areas of research

QWhat are the plans for offering multidisciplinary courses and what domains will they offer?

In alignment with NEP2020 Sangam University is committed to offer multidisciplinary education towards achieving this objective.  A two days workshop on outcome-based education to be delivered by a very senior academician is going to be organized shortly. Different academic bodies of the University will brainstorm to revise their curriculum to rope up multidisciplinary aspects in accordance with NHEQF.

QYou have been associated with NEP 2020. How will it change the path of higher education sector? How long will it take to implement the policy in Universities across India?

I was fortunate to have been associated with NEP 2020 in framing guidelines for Multiple Entry (ME), Multiple Exit (ME) in National Higher Education Qualification Framework (NHEQF) as well as also a core committee member for drafting Ph.D. regulations 2022. I am of the firm opinion that NEP2020 will transform the landscape of the Higher education sector in India. I am sanguine that this policy will be implemented with effect from academic session 2022-2023.

QShare your views about the accreditation and ranking standards and processes that are followed by the organizations like NAAC, AICTE etc

I have been involved with the accreditation process followed by NAAC Bangalore as chairperson of the peer team visit committee. The ranking standards followed by them are very rigorous and robust. My only suggestion in this regard is that both NAAC and AICTE should keep an eye on the other international standard agencies so that education can achieve good rank in global quality ranking agencies.

QHow can we improve the standards that are followed for quality control in Universities, as well as training students for making them industry ready?

I think that education institution should focus on quality assurance so that the quality built into the process rather than placing undue emphasis on achieving good grades, we should focus on improving the quality of education at the grass-root level. A regular training program should be organized to make students compatible with the requirements of Industry 4.0.

QYou work closely with research Scholars and guide them. What qualities must young researchers develop to ensure that they attain success?

Based on my experience as research supervisor, I feel that the young researcher should be willing to work hard, develop their communication skills and should focus on the intended outcomes of their research.


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