Studying Abroad Concept has been Impacted due to the Sudden Break Out of the Russia-Ukraine War

Dr. K.N.B Murthy, Vice Chancellor, Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore

QHow do you perceive the scope of global partnerships and multidisciplinary courses as stipulated by the NEP?

The internationalisation of higher education promotes sharing of good academic and research practices among diverse education systems. It promotes knowledge dissemination across the world leading to superior academic scholarship. The mobility of students and scholars over time develops them into global citizens.

NEP 2020 advocates the horizontal and vertical linkage of Indian Universities with Foreign Educational Institutions (FEIs) and promotes integration in terms of curriculum design, exchange of faculty, students, and research so that India can emerge as a popular destination for international students and a knowledge economy. At the same time, the policy focuses on the promotion of the Indian value-based education system through the export of education by allowing the opening of campuses of Indian universities abroad to promote our cultural heritage, ancient knowledge system, and the Indian system of medicine like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga etc. Just like IT offshoring, this will promote India as a global source of knowledge providing quality education at affordable costs, for foreign students.

This will help increased inbound students while retraining outbound students. Transfer of credits for students will promote these overseas studies significantly.

It is likely to lead to the setting up of campuses in other countries.Dayananda Sagar university


The intention of coming out of the student phase and becoming an entrepreneur was mostly followed by Ivy League universities. But do you think that chaos about employment is false?

Many companies such as the well-known Facebook (now Meta), Google or Snapchat or Reddit and many more took birth in colleges. We are yet to catch up on such kind of entrepreneurship, Innovation is now a days built into curriculum and many colleges have entrepreneurship cells on their campuses to promote this. From a social perspective, traditionally students used to take up only salaried jobs, but of late that is changing, Many of them have begun translating their ideas into a commercial enterprise. What has been observed here is that many students take up a job when they graduate, work, for a few years to learn the ropes and then start their business. Redbus is one such case.


It is even mentioned in the NEP that universities must become self-sustaining and do a lot of commercial research, but it is difficult. What is your opinion on it?

Universities will gradually become self-sustaining over a period, with a phase difference depending on the maturity of processes in the University and the market dynamics. Not every company started can become a Unicorn. As the adage goes that one need not worry about failure, but have to be right once. Do we have the resources, patience and attitude to keep trying is what one has to reflect .


How do you feel the change in abroad medical studies after the Russia-Ukraine war impact on global economy?

Studying abroad came to a halt in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic largely froze travel. This impacted the studies of students despite alternate modes and the global economy on account of the stoppage of many services across the world.

Similarly, the studying abroad concept has been impacted due to the sudden break out of the Russia-Ukraine war. The people will start evaluating the conditions in a foreign country before thinking of pursuing their studies there. This in turn affects several associated sectors such as travel and hospitality. Such a cautious mindset of students will certainly make all the countries aspiring to attract foreign students rethink their foreign policies as well as relationships with neighbouring countries. The global economic growth will get hurt and prices may rise on account of the impediments to the movement of goods and people.


Your perspective on Pre and Post NEP 2020, What would be the difference?

NEP 2020 brings in ambitious changes that could transform the education system. But the key here is good implementation and execution. Sustaining Universities in the current model is undoubtedly challenging. Oscillation within the Covid era brings about funding issues, but not for the brave-hearted. Inter-disciplinary learning is a welcome step and will change the culture of our engineering in the next couple of decades. Curiosity about other disciplines and learning about other disciplines, while maintaining expertise in your own will bring about a much broader outlook in higher education, currently bridled with siloed approaches.


Five key areas of excellence for Dayananda Sagar University. Progressive thinking of the leadership in alignment with the industry trends.

Dayananda Sagar university student Dayananda Sagar university student 2Opportunities for students to experiment and learn different things as they progress in their semesters. A case in point is the ability to obtain a Major and Minor degree within the same duration, with some extra effort from students. A passionate student will find it worth the effort. A holistic learning experience for students that combines classroom learning, experiential learning through projects and fieldwork, learning about oneself through reflections and learning to present oneself more powerfully through soft skills training. Opportunity for faculty members and students to take their ideas to market by incubating startups in a facilitating environment provided by DSU.

Leveraging international partnerships to benefit students, especially when it comes to higher studies, joint programs and semester abroad programs etc.

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