In a Time of Much Uncertainty & Apprehension, the Fashion Industry Looks at a Positive Future

Priyaneet Kaur AMHSSC

Priyaneet Kaur
Jt. Director- Branding & Corp comm. (AMH SSC)


The COVID-19 pandemic forced the fashion industry to adapt quickly to the new reality defined by lockdown, isolation & health fear. With the growth in hybrid markets, consumers shift towards e-commerce, lack of demand, inventory misalignment, supply chain disruptions and factory closures, the fashion industry has been hit very hard by the pandemic.

Boldly ever so, the fashion industry looks at the opportunities that have emerged from this situation. The industry which was long due for recalibration has got a real chance to completely reshape and reset its value chain.

The new motto is cooperation & collaboration. In the new norm, the fashion weeks are being held digitally, designers displaying their collections on computer screens instead of runways.

Sustainability has become one of the key priorities, improving sourcing of the raw materials with better recycling process. The budding designers have found the spotlight on the fashion calendar without having to compete with the major designers.

Being of significant economic importance, the Fashion Industry has created one of the largest consumer goods market.  Based on the data from OECD, Fashion is the largest market for consumer goods, after food & drinks. It plays a central role in the creation of income &jobs. European countries, as well as the US, are facing challenges in producing things locally due to high labour cost &the costs involved in the sourcing of raw materials.

India on the other hand, with a vast pool of talented youth, rich heritage and culture, can create many job opportunities and livelihood. Instead of looking towards west for fashion and blindly following their trends, it’s time for mindful consumption and appreciation of our own culture/ karigiri in-line with the motto of Hon’ble PM (Make in India and AtmaNirbharta).

AMH SSC under the able leadership of CEO & DG, Dr. Roopak Vasishtha, through its consistent and focussed efforts, has been imparting various trainings in the fashion domain. These efforts have been instrumental in creating jobs and livelihoods at the grassroots level, through the empowerment of youths.


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