IIT Bombay gets INR 160 crore from anonymous alumnus


The Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT Bombay) has been bestowed with an unprecedented gift of INR 160 crore (equivalent to USD 18.6 million) from an anonymous donor who holds a special place in the institution’s alumni community. This significant contribution marks IITB’s first-ever anonymous donation and serves as a testament to the profound impact the institution has had on its alumni.

The donor, an accomplished alumnus of IITB, has expressed a strong desire to preserve the confidentiality of their contribution. Drawing an intriguing parallel, IITB director Subhasis Chaudhuri likened this gesture to the tradition of generous donations made in hundis at temples. He underlined that while such anonymous donations are commonplace in the United States, they remain a rarity in the Indian educational landscape. Chaudhuri further emphasized the trust donors place in IITB’s commitment to employing funds judiciously and effectively for their intended purpose.

At a juncture when budget constraints and financial challenges have been pressing concerns, this generous gift arrives as a beacon of hope for IITB. The institution had resorted to securing loans from the Higher Education Financial Agency (HEFA) to facilitate its expansion plans. The newfound funds are destined to fuel the establishment of a pioneering Green Energy and Sustainability Research Hub (GESR) within the campus precincts.

The planned utilization of the donated funds reflects a strategic approach. A significant portion will be earmarked for the creation of cutting-edge infrastructure, while a substantial allocation will be dedicated to advancing research initiatives. The GESR hub will serve as a nucleus for critical research in diverse domains, including battery technologies, solar photovoltaics, biofuels, clean-air science, flood forecasting, and carbon capture.

Professor Chaudhuri shared that the GESR hub will not only be an arena for rigorous academic exploration but also a platform tailored to the needs of various industries. The hub envisions fostering robust collaborations with international universities and corporations, amplifying its potential for generating practical solutions and instigating transformative change. Additionally, the hub aims to nurture entrepreneurial endeavors in the realm of green energy and sustainability.

Situated within a state-of-the-art academic edifice on IIT Bombay’s campus, the GESR hub will holistically address climate-related challenges. It will encompass the evaluation of climate risks, formulation of effective mitigation strategies, adaptation to climate change, and comprehensive environmental monitoring. As IITB pioneers this ground-breaking initiative, the remarkable generosity of an anonymous alumnus sets an inspiring precedent for philanthropy within the realm of education.


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