Edition: July 2019

Cover Story

Is the NEP 2019 about old mind-sets in new bodies?

Some thinkers believe that reports and recommendations invariably remain what they are if unaccompanied by the micro-details of strategic implementation maneuvers.

Editor’s Note

Calling teachers “untalented leftovers” doesn’t tell the complete story..

In Depth: Higher Education

Business management as a profession rather than scientific model for academic quality excellence..

In Conversation

Training for Leaders is equally important..

Literary Trends

How to write A killer thriller, the super easy way..

Travel Expresso

Redefining Sanjeevani, at the valley of flowers..

Career conversation

Making a choice for right career fit..

Wellness Trends

The dangers of misunderstanding nutrition..

Tech Trends

Technology is a double shot of expresso..

Budget 2019 

Post budget period is ROFL time..

Moving Education Forward 

The vision of India’s new education system has accordingly been crafted to ensure that it touches the life of each and every citizen..


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