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Kailash Chandna, Founder, Bridgekala Academy

Kailash Chandna, Founder, Bridgekala Academy

Kailash Chandna
Founder, Bridgekala Academy

QWhat brought you into the world of fashion?

I feel that my thinking of doing something different from the ordinary in terms of work and the mentality of not living life in a normal way. Since childhood, I used to be very enthusiastically involved in almost every work given to me and in every kind of sport or in the matter of joining every kind of organization and used to do all the work with a very happy heart. So I came across with lot of thought processes, ways of working & found many ways to live life, which gradually became my mentality. In the end I can say that the mindset of constantly innovating in my work with passion and responsibility, is still keeping me connected and alive in the creative field of fashion and film world.


What is the average cost of 1 yr, 2yr and 3yr course in fashion?

There are many different fee structures and packages, so this should be discussed at the Academy office desk. We are coming up with a *Personalized Education Course* where the requisite students can create their own curriculum to gain knowledge, especially in the areas where they need to know and improve.


What is the scope of fashion?

It’s a fact that Fashion is the lifeline, especially for female, which means half the world. Another fact is that most of the working people in metro cities especially follow fashion in a less or fully with heart. So, even the common sense will also say that scope of fashion will always be on priority and high level.


What kind of preparation is necessary before pursuing a career in fashion design?

Every work fields or subject has its own ways of working and thus requires necessary preparation accordingly. Most of the young generation sees the glamour, fame, meetings with Hi level people, seeing nice happenings, & the going on creativity works in this field of fashion & styling. First of all, one should have the real dedicated interests with happy heart if wish to pursue for any of the field work and such creative field of fashion where it changing very quickly one or other day. Idea is to get ready mentally with open mind. Secondly, the fashion needs to have observative mental sense about what is happening in the fashion world from local level to state level to national and international level as per the level of your targets.

Then, one should also have the artistic & creative mind & hand.
Common sense is also plays a major part.
To be eligible one should be at least 10th passed standard as per government laws.


How is Bridgekala different from other institute? What are its advantages?

Creativity is matter of inner capability and education has the role to sharpen your inner sense of imagination and give shapes to the ideas. So, it is a matter of practice the most and it may be consider like a game where practice is the main source for achieving perfection and not the theoretical aspect. The way to provide the usable education keeping in mind the practicality of business and social world is our key.

Giving the knowledge from out of the box in practical way and not from the traditional methods of educational books.


Apart from fashion, what are your hobbies or passions?

Every creative field is fascinating and I am passionate to the unusual but creative areas like Direction in Film making, Fashion Events. Writing stories for upcoming web series and films etc. But for living a very good life _ Music is one of the best hobby.


What are your future plans regarding Bridgekala?

We have 37 years of experience working directly with clients in the creative fields of fashion, films and events, and a variety of other work. It is the aim of BRIDGEKALA to share this experience with more methods of education among its students and it is also a fact that experience is of great importance in every stage of life and perhaps more than book learning. Be it fashion design or any such field where popularity, and the potential to get more money for work, has become highly competitive.

If you want to make a career in this sector of skill industry, then you have to work hard and develop many other skills. Bridgekala believes that the more importance of book knowledge in skill education, the more importance is to practice it on your own.

Just like to play any game, you need constant practice and the rest of the language or book knowledge helps you to do that practice and to improve the game, but the game is better only by playing, similarly the work of skill is practiced. are better than themselves and bookish knowledge or verbal knowledge enhances and enhances that skill of yours.


What would be your message for 10th and 12th Std. Students wanting to become a fashion designer?

Passion for fashion is a must with the presence of mind & creative sense. Practice of hard working with lot of patience is also a must. Leadership, management skills, salesmanship, promotional capacity, understanding power and pattern making with drawing are the basic requirements to enter into the fashion field. Socializing and outspoken with grace will add values to your image in all ways.


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